• AARCS # A39457240
  • Female
  • Kitten
  • Est. DOB: 06/26/2018
  • Breed: DSH
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    Baker means business! She is the boss of her two siblings, she’s the biggest of the three and takes charge right away whether it’s food or a new toy.

    She’s confident and in charge, but doesn’t mind being interrupted or re-directed for some pets. For such a busy cat she loves to cuddle when it’s quiet time, and she will stay in bed with you all night if she gets the chance! She’s fearless and fine with getting wet in the process of satisfying her curiosity, whether it’s supervising your bath time or jumping into the water fountain. She’s incredibly smart and observant, so she will find a way to entertain herself if you aren’t prepared to make time to play with her!

    This golden-eyed girl prefers climbing to hiding the majority of the time, but can be found under the couch after dinner. She’s determined and loves getting vertical so anyone with tall plants or curtains needs to watch out and prepare for her inevitable counter excursions. She’s gentle with her claws and isn’t very noisy, she has a subtle purr and cuddles well with her sister but fights with her brother a lot. She also tends to dominate all play, so would likely need to have a very chill partner to prevent conflict in the home. She’s not as food-motivated as her siblings but luckily she likes people and likes to come check out whatever they are doing so she will come to tapping or tongue-clicking. She’s the kind of cat who will greet you at the door when you come home and sit on your lap purring… for a minute! She’d be a great candidate for harness and leash training, and would likely get along best with a kitten-proofed home with all denizens prepared for her energy. She lives life to the fullest whatever she’s doing and anybody would be lucky to share such an active lifestyle with her.

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