• AARCS # A39457236
  • Female
  • Kitten
  • Est. DOB: 06/26/2018
  • Breed: DSH
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    Three words for Tennant: Sweet, fluffy, feisty.

    With her big eyes and pointy ears, she looks elfin. Her personality is magic, she is friendly, loving, playful, curious, opportunistic but so cute that you can’t stay mad at her. She is always hungry and a little imperious, a total heart breaker and just wants to share her love with everyone she meets (including her siblings!) For such a little kitty she holds her own in fights and gets straight into the action, she’s got no problems being assertive and staking her claims. She loves to be pet and held and has never turned down a cuddle. She purrs like marbles rolling together and she will groom you like a fellow kitten. She tends to eat her food real fast and gets kitty hiccups – she’s always hungry! Very food-motivated. Tenant also likes to bite smartphones with rubber-ish cases, she wants to be the center of attention. She will look deep into your eyes and lick your nose (or your eyebrows), and she likes to eat lip products right off your face, so be careful with what you leave out!

    Tennant copycats her sleek older sister Baker, and once she has figured out how to do something she is determined. She will climb you, your curtains, your chairs, everything and she’s light and little so she can go farther than you expect! She struggles with gravity though, and will accidentally roll off furniture when grooming or inviting you to pet her, so keep an eye on her until she gains some self-preservation skills. She likes to investigate shoes, and feather wand toys make her wild side come out – you will be impressed at the cacophony of sounds she makes! She is imaginative and plays a lot with real toys, makeshift toys and hallucinatory toys so she will need someone who can enjoy that active quality, and is prepared to protect her from her own enthusiasm at times.

    She will be glued to your side and following you like a shadow, if you are looking for a cuddly cat and a playful cat and a cat that will run to meet you and sleep on your face – it’s Tennant. She’d fit well into any loving household that wants to spoil her and can return her loving kitten vibes. She’ll grow into a beautiful cat and continue sharing her light with the world, if you are lucky she can shine with you!

    Let the magic happen!

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