• AARCS # A38319295
  • Female
  • Adult
  • Breed: DLH
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    Genie is a gorgeous tabby cat who is very affectionate. She loves to have her back and belly rubbed and is a very contented cat with a super cute meow.

    Genie arrived pregnant and ended up being an excellent mother to four adorable kittens. Every time we enter the room she gets up and comes straight to us for lots of pets and absolutely loves to be brushed. I had to cut and brush out quite a lot of matts when we first got her and she patiently sat there, purring, while I worked away at her fur. She also allowed me to cut her nails which is usually difficult to do with most cats. She has shown herself to be a very patient kind of animal who loves affection, but is not so crazy about being picked up and held. Genie much prefers to simply lay on the ground while we pet her. The few times she has been in unfamiliar surroundings she has become quite stressed so she will need to be introduced to her new home slowly, one space at a time. It would take time to introduce Genie to new cats and I am unsure how she would do with dogs, but she is curious and wants to check everything out. Since she has finished mothering her kittens she has become more playful in a nice way, but still loves to sit in the warm sun most of the time. I think Genie would do best in a home with older kids who will respect her need to not be picked up as much.

    Genie is a pleasure to have around and will make some family a very nice addition to the family!

    “If you want an affectionate cat that likes to be around you, pick me!”

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