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✦ MEET SUBIE $150 Adoption Fee ✦


  • AARCS ID# A37809238
  • Male
  • Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback X
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 1/5/2018
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Calgary

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    Photos courtesy of Samantha Young Photography

    It’s Subie, I’m writing from the backyard patio while I bask in the sun, I just finished playing ‘ice cubes’ with the resident dog Chloe. We are best buds. My Foster Mom and Dad say I am loving, fun, attentive companion. Mom keeps telling everyone I am such a ‘joy to have around”.

    My Foster Mom and Dad chat with me about how good I am and I guess in the canine world I am a pretty ship shape guy. I know my stuff! I really enjoy the company of another fur friend like Chloe to play with, a medium size dog or bigger would be best because I like to run and romp and I’m a big dog myself. I would die of loneliness if I was the only bowser in the house. I also really like my Mom and Dad, I have free run of the house to chill and the back yard for exercise where I can run sprints or just hang with the Chloe. I love to play ball and as long as you are ‘throwing”….I’ll be retrieving. I like this game at any distance from 2 inches to 60 feet which means we can play indoors or out, four seasons. Ha ha! Chloe and I have our own matts and without effort we put ourselves to bed at night, and wander into Mom and Dad’s bedroom in the morning to announce the new day. I am super well mannered in the house and never chew or pick up things. I like a tidy home to. I respect Chloe is the boss and Mom says I’m a star for letting Chloe have her own time when she wants it and also sharing my toys with her. Mom says I am a stellar dog!! If you ask me ‘where’s your ball’ I will go find it and bring it to you, sometimes I need help getting it from under the furniture but I will let you know with a look and a little squeak. When Mom and Dad are eating dinner, I love to lay at their feet, same thing when they watch TV before bed. I just want to be near them and Chloe and enjoy napping or neck scratches. Mom takes me to the park everyday for a nice long walk on leash and I thrive at that. I like being close so would really appreciate a home where my people are around and not away all day. I would love a sportive couple or individual that would take me to the park or hiking. I love all that outdoors stuff. I don’t think condo life is for me, I like my patch of lawn and a nice fenced back yard, and I can entertain myself to. I am working on a challenge right now. I am worried about meeting new people. From a distance some people and dogs seem ok but others give me the heebie jeebies. I respond by tensing up, barking and letting them know I don’t want them to come in close to me. Mom and Dad and the AARCS behaviourist are helping me through this meeting anxiety. So I need a home that understands, is committed to positive reconditioning and will continue to see that I get introduced to newbies slowly and properly. I’d get really worried if someone tried that rough-gruff ‘you’re bad dog’ stuff. I am not keen on that rush up (dog or people), stare at me, and assume I want to be snuggled all over. Not so much. Once I get to know you though, well then affection is awesome. I need a few meetings and time to be sure you are ‘the good guy’. It won’t be hard to see that I am a handsome, loving and devoted companion. I am positive sweet and loving and I will thrive if my people are the same. I am going to make some ‘people meeting progress first’ before looking for my forever home, but if you know your dog stuff and want a true companion you might want to pencil me in.

    Loving, engaging, well mannered dog.

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      Subie is fearful of new people and will need a supportive and patient adopter who will help him build positive meeting experiences. AARCS behaviourist and his current Foster Mom and Dad are working together to help this amazing dog.