• AARCS ID# A37806835
  • Female
  • Breed: Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mixed
  • Puppy
  • Est. DOB: 1/5/2018
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Calgary

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    Casiaa is a sweet, strong-willed, playful pup with lots of energy and no time for nonsense.

    Casiaa (known as Belle in her foster home) is a sweet and energetic little pup. She is very smart and learns much quicker than her brother – she learned her name first, where to pee first, and even how to high five (although she only does this when she feels like it). She is very independent and likes to do things at her own will – although she learns quick, she will need a family who is willing to put some effort into working on training her as her smarts have also made her a bit sneaky. She is still very young and will need lots of work with basic house training and behavioral training, but with the right family this will not take long as she is a very quick learner!
    She can be startled and scared easily by new or loud noises (her first squeaky toy was overwhelming at first), but she came around and now tolerates it when her brother plays with it. She loves to chew (as all puppies do), and needs to keep busy or she will end up getting into trouble.
    When her foster parents leave for work, she is content to stay in her x-pen with very little whining or separation anxiety.
    She loves to nap, cuddle (on her terms), and explore new surroundings.
    She has not been tested with older dogs, but with her brother she enjoys playing until he annoys her and then she will make her annoyance known.

    If you are looking for a smart, energetic, and curious pup, Casiaa may be the one for you!

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      Not tested with Cats
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      Only tested with Puppies
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      Not tested with Kids
    • AARCS_SpecialNeeds
      Does this Animal have Special Needs?
      Yes, Medical Special Needs

      She is currently taking medication for coccidia bacteria