• AARCS # A37609669
  • Male
  • Adult
  • Est. DOB: 01/21/2015
  • Breed: DSH
  • Moderately Shy
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    “Hello! My name is Sparx and I would be the perfect addition to your family.

    Have you seen the scene from Shrek where Puss in Boots holds his hat and looks up with his big eyes? I can do a perfect impression of him. One time, when my foster mom told me it was time to sleep, I pulled my ears back, made my eyes super large and gave a soft little meow. My plan worked- my foster mom played with me for a few more minutes before we went to sleep.

    In my free time, I am an avid soccer player. I love kicking my ball around and chasing after it. One time, my foster mom accidentally stepped on my ball and I was very sad until she taped it up and threw it back. When I get tired of soccer, I also enjoy throwing my stuffed animal in the air and catching it. I am a very fun playmate when I am in an energized mood.

    When I am not feeling particularly energized, I am very happy to sit in my bed at my foster mom’s feet as she works. She tells me that I am the perfect quiet company she needs for her long nights of studying. I love when she spends her breaks petting my head. When someone pets my head, they remain in my heart forever.

    I am a very easy going and fun- loving cat. I am the first cat my foster mom has ever taken care of, and she says she can’t believe how easy I am to please. I am very content on my own when my foster mom has to go out, but always am so happy to see her when she comes home.

    I would love to be a fun- loving and easy- going addition to your home. I am a little shy at first, but warm up quite quickly. However, because of my shyness I would probably do better being the only animal in the home, however I could get used to another calm animal. I do enjoy a quiet home, so would probably do better with older foster parents, rather than young children.

    Thank you for getting to know me! Become my forever home!”

    Love, Sparx

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