• AARCS # A37163497
  • Male
  • Kitten
  • Est. DOB: 09/14/2017
  • Breed: DSH
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    Looking for Action!

    Sushi and Wasabi have been practicing play time apart and do well. They both have such up-beat little pur-sonaliites and don’t squander play time searching for one another. Having said that, put these two back together and hold on to your knickers, serious fun time is about to begin! Since they have had a bit of a journey together, we feel like they would vote to stick together, but as long as there were other friendly things to play and hang out with, these two could most likely go to different homes. They both do excellent with their litter box, react with healthy curiosity to new sounds and experiences and will tolerate some snuggling (does interfere with play time though). They are both happy, curious little balls of energetic fluff.

    Sushi is slightly bigger of the two and is easily recognizable because of his broken tail and white tip on the end. A bit more independent and cautious, Sushi might spend a minute assessing the situation from a corner, but he never stays hidden long, his fun loving playful attitude always overrides any concerns. Chasing his brother around the couch, attacking balls, and eating food (well maybe not the dry kind..) are some of his favorite things.

    Wasabi, the smaller of the two, a little quieter but still confident, loves to chase balls, thinks that puppies and people are kinda neat and enjoys looking out windows. Wasabi prefers to be in the thick of things and wants to be where action is. Past times include ambushing, knocking over water glasses and climbing all things that a kitten can stick to.

    “Please consider adopting us both!!” – Love Sushi and Wasabi

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