• AARCS ID# A37081831
  • Female
  • Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 12/18/2009
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Edmonton

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    Shandy is a dog who would be happy to have you in her life! She loves people, other dogs and best of all her walks. She is very relaxed in the home and enjoys being near those she feels closest to – she very much deserves and would appreciate a loving human with a heart as big as hers.

    Hello! So my name is Shandy and I’m really excited to tell you what I’ve been up to lately!! Early in November AARCS brought me into their care and I decided, given this opportunity and the support of caring humans (You might even just be one of them!!), it was time to make some positive changes and make wellness as a part of my life.
    So the story might seem all too familiar, you know, a little too much food and down time and a little too less of the good stuff like, exercise, learning and diet. Somehow I ended up in a bit of a pickle, you know life happens, but my heart is so full of love and kindness I’m ready for new roads ahead. I’m 4 years old and I’m ready to make the most of my life going forward! I’m a pretty social gal who likes to stop and meet strangers on my walks and I’m always happy to see children and friendly dogs too.
    I was pretty excited when my friends at AARCS brought me in and gave me a warm and friendly home to stay in and thankfully they also completed a medical assessment on me too. Good thing cuz I required a surgical procedure and some extensive dental work before I could even think about finding me a home. Can you believe they did all that for me? Whoa, my lucky stars!! Now that I’ve healed I’m feeling so much better and stronger too.

    I decided, going forward, it was time to start a healthy diet, get myself a personal trainer, a life coach and join a pack to keep me motivated (aka my foster family). I’m ready!! They got me out the door and walking right away. I can’t say it was easy, being overweight made it tough to start but I was eager and I tried my very best. I’ve come so far already!! I still appreciate a break once and awhile but I go further every day and I get so excited when I see the leash! I can already jog over 3kms with only a couple stops and when we are in the river valley exploring trails I’m just full of joy! Right now I walk/jog in the morning(shorter) and evening(longer) and weekends are an extended time on river valley trails.
    You might notice, I sometimes feel quite stiff and have a bit of a limp, but once I get moving it seems to be less of an issue. I’m hoping the more I exercise and the more weight I lose the better I’m going to feel but this is something I would appreciate you keeping an eye on. My personal trainer sometimes helps by giving me a bit of a massage to work out the kinks and help me to recover faster. Day by day I’m getting stronger. She also brushes me during my rest time and I like that too(hint, hint).
    I’ve been working lots on my confidence and some of my manners too. My life coach thinks it’s important to sit and wait but if she would just give me a treat always I would listen. One of my furry foster brothers and I both want all the attention so we easily forget our manners. I’m pretty sure I will get this soon as I like to please and always look for permission and direction(although, I’m pretty happy to help myself if there is an opportunity for food left in my reach). I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. My good qualities make up for it all though! I’m good on my leash and I come when I’m called, I do all my business outside and I’ve not shown any issues staying in the house all on my own. I just hang out and get ready to greet anyone who comes through the door. Plus, I’m not a barker, I’m not sure if I can’t bark or I just don’t want to but I haven’t barked since being a part of my foster home. At home I’m pretty chilled out.
    Last thing I should mention is my confidence. I sometimes still feel a little nervous like when you first reach to pet me or put a collar on or a leash, I just have a brief moment of uneasiness and I’m still not fully trusting of your actions, funny thing because I always want to greet strangers on my walk and I’m always happy. Also I’m not always certain about coming through a doorway, especially from outside and need a little encouragement to know I’m welcome in. Getting in a car is easier if you give me a treat too but once I’m in, I’m good. I just need a little extra encouragement and not to be rushed, I have to think this out you know and don’t really like being picked up.
    Well that’s enough about me, soon I’ll be ready to ditch my trainer, coach and my furry friends, I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to the final stage of my wellness, finding the perfect relationship. I’m open to having you all to myself, sharing you with another person or being part of a family. I’m a cattle dog so my play with other dogs can sometimes be a little nippy and not all other dogs like that kind of play. Also I’m not very fond of dominant or aggressive dogs but otherwise I’m typically okay with most dogs.
    If you are looking for a loving dog who is in need of a trusting relationship and who would do best to continue with regular exercise and activities and help me to stay fit, then please let’s meet! I’ve got some great years ahead.

    I’ve got a new leash on life and it’s going to be great!

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      Good with Cats?
      Not tested with Cats
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      Good with Dogs?
      Yes, Good with Dogs
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      Good with Kids?
      Meets kids on walks and is always happy to see them.
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      Does this Animal have Special Needs?
      Yes, Medical Needs