• AARCS # A36512542
  • Male
  • Kitten
  • Est. DOB: 07/13/2017
  • Breed: DMH
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    “My name is Oat but my foster mum calls me Oat Garfunkel. I am a very special and extra rare kitty because I am poly-dactyl on all of my paws. That means I have an extra toe on each foot.

    My big footed friends and I are known as Hemingway cats because Ernest Hemingway had lots of 6 toed cats at his home in Florida. You may have seen some of the cats that still live at the Hemingway House in the news recently. All 54 survived Hurricane Irma! Even the humans and the house are safe so it must be true that poly-dactyl cats bring good luck.

    Hemingway named his cats after famous people but since I was already named Oat, my foster mum did the best she could to keep that tradition going by adding Garfunkel. I won’t be mad if you change it though. I am too young to know Simon & Garfunkel anyway.

    I am still learning to run and climb with my XL feet so sometimes I miss when I try and jump on things. They work great for hugging, petting and massaging though. Those are my favorite things so I like to do them back to the humans. They think it is funny (especially when I pet them) but that means I get to spend more time with them. I love to be with people. They only have to look at me and I start to purr.

    I am still a baby so am going to need a cat brother or sister to play with at my forever home. My kitten foster brother and I love to roll balls across the floor and wrestle. He can be a pest so I usually go far away from him to sleep but when we are awake, we are always together. I would be lonely by myself.

    I have had lots of fun with my foster family but now it is time to write the rest of my story at a forever home. Will you be my co-author?”

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