• AARCS ID# A36330323
  • Male
  • Breed: Terrier, Pit Bull/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 8/21/2012
  • Size: Large
  • Located in Calgary

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    Photos courtesy of Alexei Chernenkoff

    Are you looking for a low-energy, quiet companion? This boy has all the pretty sits and tail wags you could ever ask for!

    Chowder has settled in nicely to his foster home and he’s been working hard to get along with every dog he meets! Read on to learn more.
    This handsome fella is a true sweetheart to the core, although he has an old injury to his back leg that may slow him down just a little, he’s still game for a good walk in the park or a crazy game of chase with his foster sister. He is on medication to ensure he lives a comfortable life, which seems to be doing the trick! You won’t even have to hide his meds in a mound of cheese (although Chowder’s favourite thing on earth is in fact cheese, so he wouldn’t mind if you did), Chowder’s meds are administered daily with his meals and he always takes them like the good boy that he is.
    Chowder is generally quiet in the home (except when he gets the zoomies with his sister), he will likely pick a comfy place in your house to call his own and spend the majority of his days in that one spot. Chowder has chosen a nice comfy chair next to a large window at the front of his foster home where he can watch the world go by. He never makes a fuss when other dogs explore his front lawn, only watches with curiosity, snuggling back in to continue his nap once they’ve gone on their way.
    Chowder hasn’t shown any need for crate training, he prefers to sleep downstairs on his chair and has never taken advantage of the privilege of free-roam. Chowder doesn’t seem to mind being left home alone while you spend the day at the office either, he’ll be waiting for you with his lovely smile (he actually does have a huge toothy smile, it’s adorable) and vigorous tail wags to greet you when you come through the door.
    If you’re looking for a dog who’ll bark, slobber and jump up on your guests when they come to visit, please move along…Chowder’s manners are on point, he is always a gentleman, taking treats gently and never mowing you over as some larger dogs will often do. He walks well on a leash (watch out for those pesky rabbits though) and is very polite when it comes to feeding time, sitting calmly while you prepare his meal and waiting for your acknowledgement that it’s time to eat. Foster Dad also recently discovered that Chowder has an amazing recall! Recently, while having his photo taken he was given a bit of off-leash freedom, and although there happened to be a rather interesting smelling deer wandering by, Chowder came immediately when called.
    Foster Mom & Dad have been working so hard with Chowder on his dog-on-dog manners since he came to live with them! Chowder has been cohabitating just fine with his two foster sisters, and although he may do best in an only dog home, we think that given some time and patience, he may be able to have a few selective doggy-friends in the future! Foster parents have figured this boy out and learned to set Chowder up for success when meeting other dogs through proper introductions and management of over-zealous dogs who might not pay attention to Chowder’s suggestion to back off. His lack of patience and defensive incidents have become few and far between. Chowder also does very well with older children, he adores his 11 year old human foster sister.
    Now that we’ve laid out all the positives, let’s talk for a moment about Chowder’s biggest downfall… he is sometimes gassy at the most inappropriate times. There… We said it. Chowder owns it like none-other, they aren’t overly smelly, but definitely loud (and let’s face it, pretty hilarious). Foster parents think his regal stature more than makes up for this one little imperfection.

    You’ll be challenged to meet a more gentlemanly dog, if he could open the door for you and push in your chair at meal time, he most certainly would! Apply now to meet this special boy, you won’t regret it!

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      Not tested on cats but will chase other small animals.
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      Only tested with Kids Over 8 Years
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      Yes, Medical Needs

      Daily medication needed, easy to give with meals.