• AARCS ID# A36330323
  • Male
  • Breed: Terrier, Pit Bull/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 8/21/2012
  • Size: Large
  • Located in Calgary

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    Photos courtesy of Alexei Chernenkoff

    Couch Potato Seeks Couch Tomato.

    Greetings, my name is Chowder. I like cheese, romantic kibble dinners, and long walks in the park. You should also know that I never wear pants, and I always fall asleep during movies.

    I like to think I’m a pretty low-maintenance guy… I spend a lot of time relaxing and I love to hang out where I can see what’s happening outside. Lucky for me, my foster parents haven’t asked me to stay in a crate all day while they’re at work. I thank them by never, ever making a mess while they’re gone and I wouldn’t dream of wrecking their stuff.

    Funny story, I got hit by a car once (ok, that’s not very funny), but it left me with one leg just a little shorter than the other. Some might call it a problem, but I like to think it makes me unique and it makes for really interesting conversations at dinner parties. My foster parents give me pills and a supplement along with my food every day, I don’t even taste it and I feel a lot better these days! As a matter of fact, I feel so good that I’ve been playing extra hard with my foster sisters!! I think my foster parents are caught off guard by this because I don’t have a great track record when it comes to playing well with others. I really do like my personal space, sometimes the puppy won’t leave me alone when I’m relaxing and I have to tell her to go away, but she’s learning the ropes and I’m trying my best to be patient. I also have a dog-friend who comes to visit sometimes too, I wasn’t sure about her at first, but my foster parents were helpful with making the introduction so that I didn’t feel threatened, we’re the best of buds now!

    I also like leashed walks in the park, my foster dad doesn’t like it when I pull so I’ve been trying really hard to remember to keep some slack in my leash, I think I’m doing pretty good. I’m not the most social guy (except for my close friends, who understand boundaries, of course), so I am not a date you want to take to the dog park, but boy would I ever love some room to run every now and again! What I would like most, is a family who can make the time for some private use off-leash park dates. I love to run and I never stray too far away. I always come right back. A private off-leash park or a HUGE yard is my idea of heaven.

    Although I love my foster parents, I really want to find a forever home that’s just right for me. I’d love to find someone who likes to just hang out and go for walks every now and again. I recently learned how to cuddle, it’s pretty amazing so I’m hoping my forever parents will help me refine this new skill.

    I’m not interested in prolonging an online relationship so let’s meet up, I promise I look just like my profile photos.

    • AARCS_cat
      Good with Cats?
      Not tested on cats but will chase other small animals.
    • AARCS_dog
      Good with Dogs?
    • AARCS_KidTested
      Good with Kids?
      Only tested with Kids Over 8 Years
    • AARCS_SpecialNeeds
      Does this Animal have Special Needs?
      Yes, Medical Needs

      Daily medication needed, easy to give with meals.