• AARCS # A36158570
  • Male
  • Adult
  • Est. DOB: 08/08/2009
  • Breed: DSH
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    Jade (JD) is looking for a human(s) who love cats that: purr VERY loudly, chase toys, like to rub his cheeks and tummy. JD is against other cats and empty food bowls. And seriously look at his eyes!!!

    Jade (JD) has the most amazing eyes. It looks like he is wearing mascara. He has the loudest purr and it kind of squeaks. He came from a home where the owners moved into a seniors place, so they had to surrender him. They trained him to walk on a leash, which my kids think is the funniest thing to do. Although JD has arthritis in all his limbs he has the most amazing agility. He can grab out of the air moving targets almost 100% of the time.

    He is the perfect bed mate. He doesn’t bite your toes, he likes to sleep at your feet and only snores quietly. He will let you know in the morning when you need to be getting up but is very polite about it. He loves to rub your legs and have his cheeks scratched. He isn’t a fan of being held but he will snuggle up beside you and let his tummy be rubbed and rubbed.

    He has pain meds for his arthritis They are super easy to give and don’t require you to be running around on a schedule. We give one with his breakfast and one when we go to bed. He even knows it is coming so will sit down and wait for it.

    JD is a really fun cat who loves to be around where you are. He is always willing to get petted and listen to your daily adventures. Please give a home that he can grow old and be happy.

    Get rid of your Radio JD is here!

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      Yes, Medical Needs (Jade has arthritis in his legs.)