• AARCS # A35636247
  • Male
  • Senior
  • Est. DOB: 06/13/2005
  • Breed: DSH
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    Photos courtesy of Rawco Pet Foods

    Pat Pat!

    There are not enough ways to describe how lovely this senior boy is, he has stolen many hearts of the various people who have met him. Patrick came into care and right away he was in need of some urgent dental surgery, his mouth was in terrible shape and needed our help. After his dental his health wasn’t good, he ended up with some severe upper respiratory problems and had to be placed onto a feed tube. BUT with the love of many wonderful people he is doing amazing and he didn’t seem to phase him one bit! He love attention, begs for it would be the right way to put it. Patrick has a very intense stare that draws most into giving him some chin scratches and head pats, his mouth looks a little funny because of the lack of teeth but it gives him a very unique look that his foster mom just adores. He loves to be held, he would prefer if you never ever let him down, he would be okay with just sitting on your lap for the entire day and then sleeping snuggled up to you at night. Wet food is his favorite thing, he rarely makes a sound when he meows and when he is hungry you’ll be given a very wide mouthed ‘meow’ from him which usually is completely silent! Pat then will stretch up onto your leg giving you the ‘please pick me up face’ and will continue to ‘meow’ at you. When his foster mom picks him up he gives a little hop so he can jump into your arms, it’s very hard to say no to Patrick!

    His foster mom would love to keep him forever and ever but he is not a fan of other cats and having a few other in the home isn’t the ideal place for him. Dogs do not bother I’m at all, big or small, even the rabbit in the house doesn’t get into much trouble unless he tries to play with him then he’ll give him a small nudge to make him stop. Patrick currently lives with a kitten and loves to bath him, sit near him and occasionally play but he would much rather just himself and his human. He travels very well and has been in many differently places, nothing seems to bother him except other felines. Going into any new setting isn’t a big deal, he just searches for new humans to pet him or warm spots in the sun to lay down for a nap in.

    Patrick will need to be completely healthy and have just one more dental until he can start officially looking for his forever home but things are looking great for his fella. He would love someone to snuggle his days away, maybe in the warm sun which is his favorite. Do you need an old snuggle buddy? He will be up for adoptions in no time!

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