Peanut 2

  • AARCS ID# A35628526
  • Female
  • Breed: Terrier, Pit Bull/Mixed
  • Puppy
  • Est. DOB: 8/12/2016
  • Size: Large
  • Located in Calgary


    Photos courtesy of Kathryn Langley Photography

    “Hello, I’m Peanut. When I was still just a puppy myself, I came into AARCS new facility and I was the first Mama to have her puppies in the new vet clinic! Lucky thing I was there because I needed a C-section to deliver one of my puppies!!

    I took a break from my own puppyhood to raise my beautiful puppies and now I am ready to get on with my own life. I am very much still a puppy – I have lots and lots of energy and I could use some training in my manners. My foster Mom says I am a fast learner, especially if I get to run off some of my energy first. I love to play and I can run really really fast – you should see me do zoomies around the yard. I love to chase toys and I am working on bringing them back, but that is a work in progress. I absolutely love squeaky toys!

    I am working on my leash manners – I am pretty strong and sometimes I want to explore in a different place than my human on the leash, but I am getting better. I have to admit that I get pretty excited when I see a squirrel and I want to chase them.

    Sometimes I go jogging with my foster Mom and I am really good at that. She says I am a good running buddy and she thinks I will be a good hiking buddy too. I don’t know what hiking is, but I am game to give it a try!! I can jump over lots of things in the yard and my foster Mom thinks I would be good at agility training too. I am up to try anything active!

    After some play time or a good walk, I am happy to stretch out on the floor or on my bed and just hang out with my humans.

    I am living with a small dog and we are good buddies. Before I came to AARCS I lived with 4 dogs and that was fun. While I was raising my puppies, I lived with a dog that I didn’t like, so it is a good idea to introduce me slowly to new dogs so we can figure each other out. I think I need a home without those furry felines – they might seem like squirrels to me and I love to chase squirrels!

    I absolutely love people and they love me too! – sometimes I get so excited I jump up to tell you how happy I am to see you, but I am working on saying hello with all four on the floor!

    I haven’t been around small humans since I came to AARCS – I think I would love them because I love all humans, but I might be a bit too exuberant for the really small ones…it might be best if I was with older kids or kids who have been around dogs like me before.

    I would love to have my own family where we can play, run, play, work on my manners, snuggle and play. I will need an active home because I have a lot of energy. I will give you lots of love and tons of laughs! Doesn’t everyone want a little Peanut in their life?” — xo Peanut

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