• AARCS ID# A35334071
  • Female
  • Breed: Maltese/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. Age: Adult (2+ Years)
  • Size: Small
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    Photos courtesy of Inga Morozoff Photography

    Maggie-Mae is a 2 1/2 yr old Maltese cross puppy mill survivor.

    Maggie-Mae is a sweet, loving, gentle girl. As a puppy mill survivor, she is learning to enjoy life. She loves going for walks with her harness on rather than her collar. When we go to private off-leash areas, she loves to be free and explore the surroundings. When we walk along a fairly unused bike path, she’s not bothered by the traffic or the airplane noise. She can go for 2 mi or more, sniffing along the way, and then booting it on her little, short legs to catch up with us.

    She gets along well with our 2 dogs and our one rescue dog does not usually like other dogs. We had to separate them initially, but Maggie won her over. She’s fine with our cat but I’m sure she would like to play with her, but Pebbles doesn’t like the dogs to get in her space.
    She gets very excited at meal times and when we come home, and has quite a loud voice. This would need to be considered for her new home, as a single family dwelling would most likely work best.
    She slept on my bed for the first few weeks because she doesn’t like to be kenneled, but now she sleeps in the kitchen area with our 2 dogs. She goes in her crate when traveling in the van, but she knows that when we stop, she gets to run and have fun.

    She will need to have a “mom” as her main caregiver as she is not too comfortable with men yet. She is getting better and takes treats from foster dad. Our son can pick her up and sit her on his lap when he visits. Someone who is home or not gone for too long would be ideal for Maggie. Another dog to keep her company and go for walks with would be great. She hasn’t been left all alone very often, but by confining her to the kitchen area with a bully stick and her toys, there hasn’t been an issue.
    She’s still working on her house training skills, so will need a pee pad available and routine, patience and understanding until she totally figures it out. She can be loose in the house and doesn’t pee anywhere other than the pee pad. When she came to us, she had ear infections, a UTI, and 4 bad teeth. That was taken care of and then she had her heat cycle and weeks later, her spay. Now she’s fine but she has had a lot to deal with.
    When she becomes comfortable in her new home, she will give lots of kisses and want to be picked up and cuddled and will want to be near you and follow you around.
    Her coat grew quite a bit in 4 mo and it’s very soft and kind of “woolly” and seems to be non shedding. It covers her sweet face, so it should be trimmed regularly. She was good for Tamara and Muttley Crue when she was groomed.
    We have enjoyed fostering Maggie and have had many laughs at the cute things that she does.

    Come and meet her to see how lovely she is!

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      Yes, Good with Cats
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      Yes, Good with Dogs
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      Yes, Behavioral Needs

      Further help with house training and getting used to men