• AARCS ID# A35333982
  • Female
  • Breed: Havanese/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 8/24/2012
  • Size: Small
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    Hello, I’m a timid survivor that is going to need lots of patience and understanding.

    My name is Darla and I am a puppy mill survivor, for more than 3,000 days I did not know love that humans can bestow upon a pup like me. However after 110 days in a loving foster home I am starting to understand what love could be. I pay a lot of attention to how my foster sisters love their humans and at times I really want that too; however I am scared. I am working at trusting, but I have so many memories to overcome that it may take a while longer. I do like going outside and laying on the sidewalk in the backyard, I like it even more when I am the only one outside and I can zip around, throw toys around and feel the wind in my fur. Eating in front of humans is still scary, so sometimes I eat in my kennel while my foster family is away but sometimes there is something so yummy in my bowl that I cannot help but eat – I think it is called tuna. I know when my foster Mom calls my name, the routines are getting easier to understand but the word Kennel is the easiest! I run for my kennel because that Generally means I get alone time and treats, yummy cookies. The importance of my business being done outside is a little lost on me, if I have to go I go – no matter where I am, sorry I am still going to try though. When my foster family is relaxing I tend to relax in my kennel with the door open in another room, but if I am locked in my kennel and you are home I can be noisy as maybe you have forgotten about me and I feel the need to say hi. When there are dogs on the other side of the fence I alert my foster sisters so they can lead the charge, but if my sisters don’t come out I generally find a toy to play with instead as it is probably safer! When my foster parents aren’t looking I sometimes steal their clothes and either bring them outside or into my kennel. My foster Mom has nicknamed me Klepto because she says I suffer from kleptomania because it is often her clothes that are found outside – I just cannot help myself. But if you are willing to continue to help me learn and build confidence in humans, understand that I don’t like to be picked up or cuddled than maybe I can be part of your family?

    I’m looking for a understanding family with a fursibling to continue on my learning path

    • AARCS_cat
      Good with Cats?
      Yes, Good with Cats
    • AARCS_dog
      Good with Dogs?
      Good, she will stand her ground if she feels the need
    • AARCS_KidTested
      Good with Kids?
      Scared of ALL Humans
    • AARCS_SpecialNeeds
      Does this Animal have Special Needs?
      Yes, Behavioral Needs

      Darla is a puppy mill survivor and she is going to need a home that is understanding of this, that does NOT want to cuddle, spend time or walk a dog. Darla feels most comfortable in her kennel away from people. She is getting better about spending time with us outside, but inside she will be in her kennel or across the room if she is forced. Darla is scared of life and needs more help getting through the shock of what life can be – Vacuums are her worst nightmare next to humans.