• AARCS ID# A35332589
  • Female
  • Breed: American Eskimo/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 5/11/2010
  • Size: Small
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    Lilli, an adorable 17 lb. Miniature American Eskimo

    Miss Lilli, finally freed from her past life as a mistreated puppy producer, is turning into such a sweetheart of a dog. Her favourite things in her new life are: wonderful walks discovering all that is new to her in the world, belly rubs and ear scratches, dinnertime, naptime, Greenies, couches, watching sports on tv (NHL and CFL!) and all the attention she can get.
    Bearing in mind the very restricted life that she had previously, Lilli has made remarkable progress in the past few months. She is completely house trained, going to the door when she needs to be let outside. She has also mastered going up/down stairs and walking very nicely on a leash. Taking Lilli for a walk is always an enlightening experience, just watching her sometimes very hilarious reactions to everything around…and they say that dogs don’t have facial expressions!
    Her progress also includes being less fearful of people, she is now more comfortable being approached by visitors to the house and also those people she encounters on walks. Lilli retreats to her kennel when she needs some space, she sleeps in her kennel and she does well in her kennel when her foster parents go out of the house or when travelling in a vehicle (she did exceptionally well on a recent road trip). Lilli gets along with the resident dog, a mid sized border collie/shepherd/malamute mix and approaches other dogs of all sizes with a bit of curiosity and hesitation initially but no aggression. She is still guarding her food on occasion, a Gremlin-like warning growl indicates this, but this reaction is becoming less frequent as time passes. She will, very delicately, take hand fed treats. She is also a quiet dog and has yet to bark at anything.
    As Lilli becomes more comfortable with her new freedom and life, her happy personality is starting to come through; the wiggly butt tail wagging that happens every new morning is so gratifying from a fostering POV as this is light years away from the frightened, badly-cared-for and shut down pup that she was a few short months ago. She does “cute” very, very well and seems to be smiling more often.
    Because of her past, there are still a few things that Lilli will need some help with: 1—come/recall is a work in progress so she is leashed at all times when outside of the house/backyard, 2—she still has some fears that cause her to “bolt” such as ceiling fans, loud noises and strangers, 3– down/sit/stay/drop it are commands still being worked on as gaining her trust was the first order of business. Lilli is a smart cookie and eager to please, so further training should be easy.
    Lilli would do well being adopted by someone who has time to give her the attention she deserves and who understands the deplorable conditions that she has survived. Someone who can appreciate that Lilli is well on her way to becoming the happy little soul that she really is! At last.

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      Not tested with Cats
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      Yes, Good with Dogs
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      Only tested with Kids Over 8 Years
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      Yes, Behavioral Needs

      Lilli is easily startled and a bit hesitant with people she doesn’t know. She seems more wary of men.