• Bonded Pair with Twizzler
  • AARCS # A35140443
  • Female
  • Adult
  • Breed: DSH

  • Story

    Photos courtesy of Faces in Places Photography

    Rosalind is a kind-hearted friendly athletic panther of a cat.

    This adorable young cat became a single mom after being injured – likely hit by a car. Amazingly, she survived and ended up having three beautiful kittens in one of our foster homes.

    Rosalind, or Lady Rose as the foster home calls her, is now enjoying her youth once again and is acting like a young playful kitten, running around the house, playing with the kittens and chasing toys with great gusto. She truly exudes happiness as she trots around or when she plops down with her tummy up for a gentle rub. Super friendly, this charming little cat is not only gorgeous, she has a giant kind heart that just wants to be loved. With her inquisitiveness and athleticism, there is no end to the entertainment she provides and would be best going home with another young cat or best yet, one or two of her own litter – Pez or Twizzler (Jelly Bean is adopted).

    Foster home reports that of all the moms and litters they have had, this is one of the most difficult to say good-bye too as they are so endearing. Quite possibly the German Shepherd of the family will miss her the most as Lady Rose is quite smitten with him. After a slow introduction, Rose became positively affectionate with the dog – so a kind patient dog, if you have one, if a must, as will be to ensure doggy has a little break of her if needed. Her kittens took Rose’s lead and all are just as comfortable with the family dog.

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