• AARCS ID# A34700721
  • Male
  • Breed: German Shepherd/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 2/4/2017
  • Size: Large
  • located in Calgary


    This animal is currently an Animal in Care with AARCS and is not available for adoption at this time. Please note that applications will NOT be accepted for this animal until they are posted as available on our Adoptable Animals page. Our website is updated daily so please keep checking back on their progress and availability. Thank you for choosing to rescue!

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    I am a sweet, gentle boy who loves to give kisses and receive head scratches, and I am currently in search of my forever home.

    “From Theo:

    Hello, my name is Theodore, “”Theo”” for short. I am currently living it up at my foster families house since I was flown all the way from NWT and brought to AARCS where I then met my foster Mom and Dad.

    While at my foster home I, Theo:

    -Go on many walks. My favourite is the morning walks after being in the kennel all night and I finally get to stretch my long legs. I do not mind the harness at all, but I tend to pull when bunnies and squirrels are spotted…I am working on my prey drive and listening to foster Mom and Dad when they say no. I always look back at my foster parents to make sure they are still following me on our walks, as I like to lead the way. Sometimes I get excited and jump up during my walk, but when I am told no, I listen.
    -I am house trained and have had zero accidents in the house. I am so proud of this and foster Mom and Dad always tell me I am a good boy when I do my business outside.
    -I get very excited when I see other dogs, I sometimes cannot contain myself. I tend to wiggle with excitement and sometimes bark playfully. When introduced properly, I can be quite the friendly playmate.
    -I enjoy my hard kibble foods and treats, especially when I get a few bites of the heavenly cat kibbles…those are my favourite.
    -Speaking of cat kibbles, I have a foster sister, in the form of a fluffy, orange, unsure of my large self sister, who all I want is to be her friend, but she still hisses at me occasionally. I try my best to show my gentle side and stare at her from afar hoping that one day, we can cuddle together.
    -I love cuddling with my foster Mom and Dad. It is the best! And when they cuddle and give me scratches, it is even better. I do enjoy laying on my dog bed a lot. The parents do lay on what they like to call the “”couch,”” but I am still unsure if I should join them up there. So, they sometimes join me on my large dog bed.
    -At night, I am put in this kennel thing that I was very unsure of at first, but it is not all that bad. It is a safe, quiet place where I can catch some zzz’s.
    -When left alone, parents put me in the kennel. I bark and whine for a little while, but then I settle.
    -I am anxious with car rides, needing encouragement to get in, but once in and Mom or Dad sitting with me, I settle. I would likely do well if in the kennel, but the car is too small for that.
    -I do love all people. People give me love and that is all I need. Sometimes I do get so excited that I may jump up, foster Mom and Dad tell me no, but all I want to do is give the people what they want and that is a kiss on their face. I am just a lovable guy, what can I say, walking on all fours searching for my forever home.

    From foster Mom and Dad:

    Theo is looking for a kind, active family, who is willing to work with him on his basic commands. To continue to socialize him with other dogs, with proper introductions and potentially even a dog sibling to play with and keep company. A back yard is a must!

    We have noticed that Theo does not give any indication that he has to go outside to do his business, so that is something that needs to be worked on or regular letting out is needed. He is also very skittish of stairwells, have yet to master but working on it.

    He is an incredible boy, who would add so much joy to a family, and he is currently looking for the right one to go home with!”

    I am going to wiggle my way into your heart.

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      Yes, Good with Cats
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      Yes, Good with Dogs
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      Yes, Medical Needs – Masticatory muscle myositis (MMM) ?investigating diagnosis currently