• AARCS ID# A34636803
  • Female
  • Breed: Border Collie/Mixed
  • Puppy
  • Est. DOB: 11/13/2016
  • Size: Medium

  • Story

    “I was a lone pup wandering around on some land in rural Saskatchewan. People were there and they saw me. When they picked me up, I was hungry, scared, frightened and all alone. I was given the name Moon, but I am not sure why. Maybe the Moon was bright and shiny that night. Soon after, I was put into a kennel and was taken to this place called Safe Haven. I saw many other dogs there just like me. There was also some people. After arriving here, the next thing I knew, I was being taken somewhere else. Where was I going? I then realized I had arrived at a house. A house, that once I was inside for a time, I began too feel warmth. It felt so good. I was leary to come out of my kennel at first as this house was strange. I was hungry. The people fed me and it felt good to have a full belly. The people here had a big dog. He was scary to me at first. But as I got familiar with him, he would play with me. He helped me break open. I knew I could have fun and play with him. He began to show me his love. We developed a special bond. We would go outside together, sleep together. Sometimes chase each other around the yard. I had a new friend. I was also lucky with the people. They fed me, made sure I was warm and even trained me to not pee in the house. I was making great progress with everything. I felt so much love from their warm hands. I slept and sat on their laps. They played with me lots and I even got to lick them to return my love to them. I had everything a young pup could ever want. I was happy and felt secure for the first time since I was born into this world. I found my place. I was now home and safe. And most of all, I felt loved!” - xo Moon

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