The cats featured on this page are those who are bonded to each other and must be adopted together. If you’re looking to double your fun then please consider adopting one of these dynamic duos!

  • $225 for PAIR of ADULT CATS
  • $120 for PAIR of SENIOR CATS
  • $400 for PAIR of KITTENS
  • Raj

  • AARCS # A34360397
  • Male
  • Young Adult
  • Est. DOB: 12/26/2016
  • Breed: DSH
  • Fry

  • AARCS # A36352117
  • Male
  • Kitten
  • Est. DOB: 08/01/2017
  • Breed: DMH
  • Our Story

    Photos courtesy of Inga Morozoff Photography

    Once upon a time there was a playful young kitty named Raj.

    Raj dreamed of finding a best friend and a forever home they could spend their life together in. No matter how hard he tried making friends the other cats just didn’t want to stay with him. They said he played too much and was different because of his heart murmur. But Raj didn’t give up hope. He takes his daily medication and eats his special food and waits patiently, knowing that his soul mate is out there somewhere.

    In another part of town there was a sweet little kitten named Fry who wanted with all his might to find a friend to cuddle with. Each new cat that came into the foster home turned their nose up at him because he was little and purred so loud. No matter what little Fry tried he couldn’t find a friend to snuggle with.

    Then one day Raj took a vacation across town. As he walked down the hall exploring his temporary house he saw an orange ball of fur playing with a string. He suddenly realized that this ball of fur was a kitten and quickly introduced himself.

    The kitten’s name was Fry! Fry, being a very generous soul, asked Raj if he’d like to play with the string with him. Fry didn’t mind at all that Raj needed to take an occasional break to rest his heart. After their game Raj helped Fry clean up his ears and was surprised to hear the loudest and most comforting purr he’d ever heard. And suddenly they both realized, they’d found their soul mate!

    The next part of their story hasn’t been written yet. Do Raj and Fry find a home that will take them both? Will they get to play and cuddle and be best friends forever? If you think that you could give them the happily ever after they so deserve please apply today!

    • AARCS_cat
      Good with Cats?
      Yes, Good with Cats
    • AARCS_dog
      Good with Dogs?
      Yes, Good with Dogs
    • AARCS_KidTested
      Good with Kids?
      Not tested with Kids
    • AARCS_SpecialNeeds
      Does this Animal have Special Needs?
      Yes, Medical Needs (Raj has daily medication and special diet for life.)

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