• AARCS ID# A34245120
  • Male
  • Breed: Shepherd/Collie, Rough/Mixed
  • Puppy
  • Est. DOB: 6/18/2016
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Edmonton, AB


    This animal is currently an Animal in Care with AARCS and is not available for adoption at this time. Please note that applications will NOT be accepted for this animal until they are posted as available on our Adoptable Animals page. Our website is updated daily so please keep checking back on their progress and availability. Thank you for choosing to rescue!


    I am a kind gentle soul who had a rough start in my short life, but have discovered an awesome thing called love from the heart of my foster mom.

    I am only about 7 months old and was running free with a doggie friend for quite awhile and then one day we were spotted by AARCS rescuers and brought to Edmonton. I was so skinny that you could count every rib and feel every vertebrae detail along my spine and weighed less that 10 kg. When I got to my fosters I was so scared and frightened that I would not come out of my kennel for the first couple of days even though the door of the kennel was open. My foster fed me by hand and I woofed down everything she offered to me, and while I was eating she showed me something called petting and talking to me with a gentleness I had never known before. I even did my business in the kennel but never once was I scolded, she would get me to go into another kennel and would always show me kindness and gentleness. Then I realized that the 2 dogs that lived here were running and happy and playing so I thought maybe it was time to come out and see what was going on. I found the food dish and immediately claimed it as my own and was not willing to share at all, but again I was shown kindness as my foster sat on the floor and gave us all kibble 1 piece at a time and I realized there was something called sharing and it wasn’t a bad thing at all. At this time my foster graduated me to a pen where I could feel safe if company came over or I was unsure of a situation and learnt I could do my business on a pee pad. One day I was introduced to a bath and was so scared but was assured that I was going to be a gorgeous boy when I was done so I calmed down and let it happen. I couldn’t believe how soft I was and how good I smelled. I then was graduated out of the pen into total freedom and I loved every minute of it. I am trying to play with my foster dogs but they are little and a bit afraid of me, but I have learnt to be respectful of them and in return they have taught me to go outside and do my business. I have come a long way although I do not leash yet and will cowl with strangers for a short time till I am comfortable. I now weigh 18.5 kgs and smile all the time and get to sleep in the bedroom on the floor beside the bed. Life is so good now!

    I have a blooming personality and would love to have another dog to play with but realize that as long as I am loved I will be very happy and content.

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