• AARCS #A34067005
  • Female
  • Adult
  • Est. DOB: 12/10/2014
  • Breed: DSH Dilute Calico

  • Story

    Photos courtesy of Jane Elizabeth Carter Photography

    Who doesn’t love getting cuddles from a soft fluffy kitty? This beautiful girl is just the cats meow! Her lovely colors, her big chubby face and bushy tail have everyone gushing over her. What you can’t see is her gentle and kind personality that any cat lover would enjoy.

    She came into our care looking for a new life, a fresh start and has begun this journey already when she had her initial vet visit and discovered she needs to be on a special type of diet for her joints which doesn’t cost much more than your average high quality food. She isn’t able to jump up like other cats can, but she manages to get herself up on the couch or other important places. Other then that she is perfect in ever way!

    She is a very affectionate kitty who bonds tightly to her people and loves to follow them around the house. She recently spent a few hours in the presence of a dog and didn’t seem to mind him at all! She enjoys play time with a laser pointer, or being thrown toys to chase. She has a quirky, but incredibly adorable habit where if you toss her a ball, she will chase it down and then sit on it like a hen sitting on an egg! Sarabi manages to make everyone around her smile at least a few times a day, no matter how stressful your day has been.

    Come meet this amazing kitty and see how purrfect she is for yourself.

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