Daisy Bell

  • AARCS # A33830624
  • Female
  • Adult
  • Est. DOB: 04/01/2015
  • Breed: DSH

  • Story

    Highly educated cat looking for a like individual who can share the same interest.

    “I am a special type of cat, one that needs a person who can read me well and knows how to care for me on my terms. I really like people but life has been a bit unfair to me, so I would really love a home with patients and tons of love! I like to do my own thing, I would love to be around you but I don’t need a ton of attention. I just like to study humans a lot, I may be an expert but I learn something new everyday! So I would like to continue my studies of the human kind quietly.

    I have a quirky personality, when I don’t like something which includes someone being too much into my personal space (everyone has a bubble right? I just really like mine to be left alone most of the time) I have this tail flick that will show you I am not loving what is happening to me. I’m very simple to read, my body language will tell you exactly how I am feeling and If you can read me right we will be the best of friends. I would love to meet someone, I really do! but I know if we just had a good understanding of each other we will work out juuuuust riiiiiiight. I want the chance to find that puuuurfect human that gets me, someone who will love me for being me.”

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