• AARCS ID# A33689742
  • Female
  • Breed: Retriever, Labrador/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 10/7/2016
  • Size: Large
  • located in Edmonton

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    Heya! Ocho (aka Luna) here, but I also answer to Whosagoodgirl, Cuddle Bug, and Looney-Luna.

    I just wanted to give you all another update!

    My foster mom and I have been working together quite a lot these days and she keeps telling me I’m super smart because I pick things up pretty quickly. I’m learning to listen the first time she asks me to sit, lay down or go to my crate, but I do cooperate happily when I process what she is asking. I’m also really good at watching her to see what she wants me to do next. I get so excited when she lets me out of my crate when she gets home from work, and I want to jump up and give her hugs and kisses, but she says it’s not ‘good manners’, so I’m working on keeping ‘four-on-the-floor’ (as she says) and I get more cuddles and treats that way.

    For our walks, we have changed my harness over from a front-leading one, to one where the leash clips on my back… she says it’s because I’m getting a lot better at not pulling. I am more relaxed on our walks, it’s true, except when I see those rabbits zip around… I reeeeaaally want to chase them and see if Wonderland is on the other side of their rabbit hole!

    I also still find it a bit weird when people come right up to me on the street and start reaching for my ears… I mean I know my fur coat is irresistibly soft, but I don’t offer up free ear rubs to just anyone. I understand that people can have a hard time reading dog body language, so I usually speak up with a woof to tell them I’m uncomfortable. My foster mom always listens and asks people to stay still for a moment, because I prefer to give strangers a good sniff and check them out first. Then, I will tell the human if they may pet me. If one hand is feeding me treats while the other is petting, that doesn’t hurt either.

    And… who let the dogs out… have you seen the pup-arazzi in this city!? I mean really, a girl likes to be able to cruise around her ‘hood without having to worry about them following her everywhere! When I see those dogs sneaking close enough to snap a photo, I often feel the need to bark and tell them to back off. I can potentially be persuaded to give an interview, but I would generally prefer not to interact with those hounds!

    Recently, I had the chance to sleepover at another home for a couple of nights, and it was great! They were kind enough to let me bring my crate to sleep in at night and curl up in when they went out. It was very considerate – it can be tricky adjusting to sleeping in a new bed! I had new views to supervise out the window, new humans to hang out with, and they took me for some runs – I did manage to outmanoeuvre them once and get away, but I ran right up to their door and waited for them to come back. They were impressed that I knew what to do in an emergency, but really, I have no interest in living in the wild anymore!

    My favourite toys these days are the treat-dispensing ball that my foster mom stuffs with kibble-cubes and I LOOOOVVEE my snuffle mat. After a walk and some brain-teaser food play in the evenings, I’m pretty happy to watch Netflix and cuddle with my foster fur-sister and my foster mom on the couch. I also really like playing chase games in the yard with my foster sister – she’s bigger so she’s pretty good at keeping up with me.

    My foster mom goes all mushy and talks sweet to me when I climb on her lap and roll over for belly rubs – she says I’m a tiny, wriggly puppy in a 60lb body. I’m so glad she took the time to earn my trust!

    I also seem to have earned her trust, because when she is walking my foster sister, I don’t have to go in my crate and I get to hog the whole couch to myself while they are gone! (Sweeeet!!) In exchange, I don’t wreck stuff or do my business in the house!

    I think it might be nice to have a family who will play with me lots, and/or a larger fur-sibling who can hold their own in a game if tug with me, and continue to coach me on how to act around new people and other dogs. I do need patience at first with dogs and people, though, but I am very loyal once I give my trust.

    If you want to hear more, please give my people a call and ask! I can’t wait to meet my forever family, and finally have a place to call my own!