• AARCS ID# A33689742
  • Female
  • Breed: Retriever, Labrador/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 10/7/2016
  • Size: Large
  • located in Edmonton

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    Hang on a second… you can see me?!? Darn it! My invisibility cloak is on the fritz again.

    *Sigh* I may as well introduce myself, then – I’m Luna the Magnificent, my original AARCS name was Ocho but I like Luna better. I’m a magician-in-training and this cute furry cape is a great costume, hey? My foster-mom has agreed to be my mentor, although sometimes I think she’s more of a witch than a magician – she’s pretty good at casting spells over me! Some of the tricks she has coached me on so far are: making food vanish, obeying commands like ‘sit’ and ‘lay down’, coming when she calls me, bringing balls back to her, and being selective about where I relieve myself (she prefers outside, so I acquiesce). Apparently self-discipline and good hygiene are necessary foundations for any magician, or so she says, so I keep my paws tidy and have excellent grooming habits, and I’m working on the self-discipline, too. You should know that I enjoy spending time carefully observing my surroundings. When I first arrived, I preferred to do this while pretending I was invisible in my crate. Now, my crate is a snuggly sleeping spot and cosy hangout where I come up with my plans for new tricks – so I might like to have a lair of some sorts in my new home. My foster sister and I are getting along quite well, she is as exuberant as I am – even though she doesn’t really take this magicking very seriously at all. I am happy to entertain myself with her when I need a break, though – work hard, play hard, right? In the evenings, my mentor (aka ‘agent’) and I tour the neighbourhood looking for future audience members. Even though I’m still a bit nervous about performing in front of a crowd, and I don’t really like being asked for my autograph by other dogs, I am getting used to controlling my nerves on the tour and being polite to our neighbourhood people and dogs… we do see a lot of them on our evening walks. On that note, I really wanted to learn the ‘pull-a-rabbit-out-of-a-hole’ trick, but my foster mom said that the city rabbits aren’t very good assistants, so I’ve had to let go of that dream. (Though I still get a bit excited when I see a little critter running by!) Now, I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but my foster mom took a bit to warm up to. I haven’t really had a mentor before, so it was a bit weird at first to have her pet me and tell me I’m a ‘good girl’… I mean, really, I have my mysterious reputation to maintain. However, lately I am coming and asking HER for ear scratches and belly rubs… weird, right!? (I told you that she’s good at spells!) Anyway, she said she’ll tell you all about how to help me ‘adjust’ and she’ll share some of the secrets to making me comfortable… she thinks it might help if you are rocking some dog-spell-mojo of your own already. Ok, so, I need to get back to my rehearsal now.

    Let me know if you’d like to book me for a permanent slot in your schedule – just have your people call my people and set up an audition!

    • AARCS_cat
      Good with Cats?
      Not tested with Cats
    • AARCS_dog
      Good with Dogs?
      Slow intros! Large dog tested
    • AARCS_KidTested
      Good with Kids?
      Only tested with Kids Over 8 Years
    • AARCS_SpecialNeeds
      Does this Animal have Special Needs?
      Yes, Behavioral Needs

      Nervous, working on building confidence and training for appropriate behaviours (no jumping, mouthing)