• AARCS ID# A33689742
  • Female
  • Breed: Retriever, Labrador/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 10/7/2016
  • Size: Large
  • located in Edmonton

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    Photos courtesy of Renata Ruch Photography

    Winter is coming… do you need me to keep you warm?

    Hi! My official AARCS name is Ocho, but I go by Luna, and I’m looking for just the right family to call my own.

    I’ve been in my foster home for almost 5 months now and my foster mom has nothing but good things to say about me!

    I have a foster-sister who is a med/lg dog, and we get along really well, but I’m still skeptical about meeting other fur friends, so it might take some time to adjust to a new pack. I really do love to play with her though, and we are great friends, but it took me a few days to relax enough to meet her at first. I haven’t made any smaller fur-friends, though, as I get a bit too enthusiastic, and I may accidentally pounce too hard.

    The routines are pretty consistent around the house: I go run outside in the yard in the morning, then have breakfast and supervise mom making coffee and packing a lunch. When she is ready to leave, she gets my treat toy ready and I know it’s time to go in my crate. I listen the first time she tells me because I LOVE to work at getting my treats out of the toy, so I don’t mind being in my crate at all while she is gone.

    When my mom gets home, I’m sooo excited. I try to keep all my paws on the floor, but I want to make sure she knows how happy I am to see her, so I also try to hug her and give her kisses. She pets me a lot and bends down so I don’t always have to jump up to nuzzle her ears.

    Most nights, we go out for a walk and I’m doing really well walking beside mom on my harness now. I sometimes get distracted by other dogs and need to bark to let them know I’m coming by, but I love hanging out with my human and she lets me sniff all the really awesome smells on our trek.

    Some nights, the school-aged kids across the road will come to the house to play with me and my foster-sister. She loves to smother them with puppy-love, but I know to be a bit calmer around mini-humans. I will kiss them if they let me and I like to play tug or fetch, too, but I’m respectful of them and don’t play too rough.

    I am ultimately loyal to my human, so I will choose to hang out with her over my fur-sister if they are in different rooms – I don’t even mind just laying on the floor as long as she’s nearby. I’m a big snuggler once I get to know you, and I love to roll over and squirm around for belly rubs.

    I am really lucky that my mom and sister let me sleep in the bed with them, but I would be really content with a soft, cushy bed of my own to sleep on, too. I love to flop on the couch and use the arm to rest my face on.

    What else can I tell you? I love my treats and training time. It keeps me on my toes (all 22 of them!) I know basics like ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘paw’, as well as ‘crate’. I will ‘say please’ for a treat and am learning the ‘it’s yer choice’ game. I do NOT do my business in the house and I’ll bark to let you know if I need to hit the yard.

    I still get a bit nervous sometimes around new people, but I know that humans can’t always read dog-minds so I will give some ‘woofs’ and back away when a stranger gets too close. My foster mom knows the way to my heart is through my stomach, so she usually gives the strangers some of my treats to feed me while I sniff them out. (It’s a good trick, ‘cause how can I NOT like someone who smells delicious!?) Everyone new has been good about allowing me some time and space, and so far, I haven’t met anyone who I didn’t adjust to after a few minutes and some treats.

    Some of my favourite things are squeaky toys, rope tugs and balls that I can fetch. Treat-wise, I’m pretty low-maintenance as well – some kibble frozen in ice cubes or even veggie slices while mom’s cooking are special snacks. My absolute favourite are dehydrated sardines, though – they are the tastiest-smelling things ever!

    Although I love it here, my foster mom keeps telling me how awesome you are, so I can’t wait to meet you and have my own furever-home!

    It’s the perfect season to adopt a warm snuggly dog like me, don’t you think!?

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