• AARCS ID# A31840039
  • Female
  • Breed: Shepherd/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Approx DOB: 5/11/2016
  • Size: Medium
  • Story

    Paisley is a beautiful brindle princess and while she has a little trouble maintaining a healthy weight, she loves walking and has recently lost a great deal of weight and is enthusiastically embracing a more healthy lifestyle.

    After being adopted from AARCS as a healthy puppy, Paisley was returned to foster care at 10 months old, overweight and requiring hip surgery. While in foster care, she has lost more than 20 lbs and has fully recovered from her surgery. Her vet has said she will not have a recurrence of hip dysplasia.

    Paisley can be a little on the timid side, but once she feels secure, she is a remarkably friendly dog and loves to greet new people and make them feel welcome. Paisley is very clever and likes learning tricks. She will sit and stay, she is trying to catch treats, and can shake a paw with both front paws. We are working on down and spin now that she is fully recovered. Paisley is very cuddly and loves a good scratch.

    Paisley has done incredibly well with changing her eating habits so she only gets dog food and she will sleep away from the dinner table and not beg at the table side. She will walk away from her bowl when she is done eating, sometimes leaving some kibble, and is comfortable having her bowl picked up at that time. Paisley has become used to asking to go outside and is enthusiastic about going for short walks. Paisley walks best with a harness and has stopped pulling since her surgery. She has worked her way up to 15 minute walks and, continuing to gently challenging her stamina and strength, she will eventually have no issues with her physical ability.

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