• AARCS ID# A31777414
  • Female
  • Adult
  • DOB: 06/01/2011
  • Domestic Long Hair


Gwendolyn is a stunning cat, outgoing and definitely not shy – she will say hello to every visitor you get at home. She adapts very easily to a new environment. She’s caring and she will show you her belly everytime. Also, she doesn’t mind when you touch her there.

She follows me everywhere, if I work in the computer, she will jump and sit on the printer. If I am having breakfast, she will take her seat. She will come when calling her like a dog, and she really enjoys playing. Especially with laser tags. She’s fluffy, you’ll love to pet her every day! She is very kind and not aggressive by any means, so she would fit in a house with kids.

Nevertheless, she has a sensitive stomach, so she can only eat Gastro food. She does not like other cats, and lastly, she needs a covered litter box.”

  • AARCS_cat
    Good with Cats?
  • AARCS_dog
    Good with Dogs?
    Not tested with Dogs
  • AARCS_KidTested
    Good with Kids?
    Yes, Good with Kids
  • AARCS_SpecialNeeds
    Does this Animal have Special Needs?
    Yes, Medical Special Needs (Gastro Food Only)