• AARCS ID# A31064099
  • Female
  • Breed: German Shepherd/Mix
  • Size: Medium
  • Story

    I’m so happy to introduce this girl to the wonderful world of adoption ! She is a true winner!
    Every challenge she faces she meets head on with the best personality. She wants to feel better and have a home forever.
    “Wind” knows sit , kennel and touch. She is currently doing her business outside, but will need continued support on her new home as this is a new concept for her living outside previously.
    She is very affectionate with dogs she knows but needs a few seconds to adjust with new dogs to make sure they aren’t going to hurt her.
    She loves going rollerblading, has very nice leash manners and is very relaxed. She is medium energy dog and will be happy with a nice walk and play time.
    She is very smart and kind and quite a character.
    This beautiful girl has come leaps and bounds since entering AARCS care and it’s time she continues her journey with her forever family .
    Are you going to be the lucky one who gets to watch this girl reach her true potential?
    We hope so!

    Yawinde came in with several other dogs malnourished with sarcoptic mange. She is recovering beautifully but it will take time for her coat to fully recover and to gain all her weight back.