• AARCS ID# A30817289
  • Male
  • Breed: Mastiff/Mix
  • Dog
  • Approx DOB: 2/12/2014
  • Size: Large
  • located in Edmonton


    Cole loves people, adults and children both but he is a high energy dog so might not be suitable for small children as he may knock them over in his exuberance. Currently we walk, trot, lope 2 to 2 and a half miles a day and he still has tons of energy left over. As time goes we will be working that distance up. Cole is very excitable so he need tons of exercise to help him focus. He follows simple commands quite well when he is not distracted but it is harder to get his attention when there are things going on around him. We have just begun clicker training and some beginning agility training as well to help keep him busy.
    Cole does not get along with small animals and gets highly excited and will chase livestock, he gets along well with other dogs and puppies other than at feeding time when he does not like other dogs around his food. This being said he is fine with people around his food. We have been working really hard on having him sit and leave it at feeding time until I tell him he can eat. He gets very anxious still so more work is needed in this area.
    I would suggest that Cole goes to a home where he will go to obedience classes to continue his training and to a home where he will get tons of exercise as this will help him focus and stay calm.
    Cole is on a special diet which he will need to be on for life as he has a tendency towards kidney stones and crystals in his urine. He is currently on Royal Canin SO and is doing well.

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      Yes, Good with Larger Dogs
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      No Young Kids Please. Older kids OKAY
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      Special Diet for Kidneys