• AARCS # A27634732
  • Female
  • Adult
  • Est. DOB: 10/21/2013
  • Breed: DMH
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    Photos courtesy of Inga Morozoff Photography

    Colette is a beautiful lady with good manners and a calm personality. She loves being pet while purring and telling you stories. And she sure has some stories to tell. Colette has a few scars, some missing teeth, and a short bushy tail that has a few little bends in it from previous breaks. She doesn’t let the past get her down though. Colette loves to play – her favourite game being ‘chase the shoestring’. When the mood is right, she even catches toy mice and carries them around in her mouth. And for some quiet entertainment, honeysuckle toys will keep her busy for ages.

    Her most favourite thing in the whole wide world is food … soft food, hard food, ALL FOOD! With her low calorie food and all the exercise she gets now she’ll be at her goal weight in no time.

    Colette follows her foster brother around the house, patiently waiting for him to fall under the spell of her beauty. Colette is a fun girl, often trying to play with his tail and entice him into a game of tag. When her playful efforts fail, she finds a cozy spot to nap with her foster family close by.

    Colette has a loving teddy-bear side and would love to find a home with a nice lap to sit on. Will you help make 2019 her best year ever?

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