• AARCS #A23775361
  • female
  • cat
  • DOB: September 2013
  • size: medium


Photos courtesy of Inga Morozoff Photography

July came to AARCS with her babies who have all been adopted. She is a sweet girl who is very interactive. She loves to get her back rubbed and will fall onto her side and roll around. Because she loves this so much and sometimes isn’t paying attention, she has accidentally rolled right off the bed or couch! She also loves to get belly rubs and enjoys playing with her toy mice. When the weather isn’t too hot she won’t hesitate to sit on your lap and watch some TV with you. She loves being with her humans! She has the cutest little muffled sounding meow that will make you smile when she chats with you.

July has severe and chronic allergies and currently takes medication every day. Without it she develops dermatitis on her arms and legs that can get quite irritated, as well as chronic sinus congestion. After a year of treatment, we have recently discovered that poor July has an inoperable nasal tumor for which there are no treatment options. Sadly her condition is terminal and all we can do for her now is to keep her comfortable in her foster home for the time she has left. While news like this is absolutely heart breaking, we take solace in knowing that we were able to provide her with top notch care and surround her with love with as long as we are blessed to have her.