I’ve been in AARCS’ Care for over 1,050 days!


  • AARCS #A23556915
  • bonded pair with Zig
  • female
  • cat
  • DOB: June 2, 2014
  • size: medium
  • Extremely shy
  • Story

    Photos courtesy of Faces in Places Photography

    Zag is a beautiful shy girl whose nickname is Big Eyes. Most mornings her foster mom wakes up to find Zag cuddled up against her very sweetly. While she is nervous about being touched, she will let her foster mom pet her when she’s eating or relaxed on a cat tree. Zag absolutely loves food and will do just about anything for a treat, so the best way to her heart is through her stomach! She will often sit next to you begging for a tidbit.

    You can find her playing by herself with her toy balls or wrestling with one of the other cats in the home. She has an interesting fetish for plastic bottle caps and when she discovers one, you can spot her zipping all over the house playing bottle cap hockey!

    Zag and her brother Zig are very close and dependent on each other. They would love to be adopted together and will require a quiet, patient adoptive home who will work with them to gain their trust. These two sweet souls will make wonderfully entertaining companions for the person they fall in love with!