I’ve been in AARCS’ Care for over 1,050 days!


  • AARCS #A23556899​
  • bonded pair with Zag
  • male
  • cat
  • DOB: June 2014
  • size: medium


Photos courtesy of Faces in Places Photography

​”Hi! My name’s Zig and I’m a ninja ghost cat. You see, I didn’t have much contact with humans when I was little so I find it hard to trust people. I show my foster mom love by sneaking onto the back of the couch while she’s watching TV and head butting her and playing with her hair. By the time she turns around, I have magically vanished into thin air.

​My biggest weakness is elastics. I will do just about anything to find an elastic to play with. My foster mom calls me the Elastic Bandit as they are always my toy of choice. If there is an elastic to be found anywhere in the house, I will find it and play with it!

​My best friend in the world is my sister Zag. It’s always been the two of us against the world and I would be totally lost without her. I like other cats too, but because I’m timid I tend to be bullied sometimes. Even at feeding times, I tend to hang back and wait until everyone else has eaten before I try to get any food for myself.

​I prefer to live a quiet life. Loud noises & fast movements can startle me so I need a tranquil place to call home. I know that I have a ton of love in my heart, if I could just find my special someone to share it with. I wish that a gentle, patient person would give me and Zag a home of very own.

​Could that special someone be you?”