• AARCS #A23490545
  • female
  • cat
  • Est DOB: May 14, 2014
  • size: medium


Hi, my name is Venus. I’m only about a year old but already a mom so I’m very petite. My foster mom says I’ve got the prettiest blue eyes and such pretty Siamese markings and have a very cute voice. I love to talk, coo and be the centre of attention.I love furry mice; my favourite is a purple one and I love to throw it up high in the air and chase it around. I’m too smart for laser pointers cuz I can see it in your hand. I get very anxious when I can’t find my mouse and cry until my foster mom finds it for me. It ends up in the oddest places cuz I can throw it so high.

I’m not sure about sitting on someone’s lap but I sometimes like to sit on my foster moms lap under a blanket tent her knees make if I’m cold. I like to do that in bed too for a little while. I might only like to sit on your lap on my terms but I like to sit close by up high or come by for a pet. I love having my head scratched and my belly rubbed and I also like to be picked up and carried around, looking out the windows. I also like to be in the same room as my foster mom and follow her around. Windows are my favourite place to sit. I love to look outside or sit on the balcony watching the squirrels and birds. I’m also good on a harness; I might be a bit uncertain at the beginning but want to go right back out again.

I think I would like to have another furry friend to play with or someone who can spend a bunch of time with me, cuz I have so much energy. My previous foster mom says I’m good with other cats but scared of dogs. I’m really gentle when playing and don’t bite hard or scratch so I think I’d be okay with kids, but I haven’t been around them.

I’m also working on being a Youtube star! Check out my video Venus and the Purple Mouse