• AARCS #A22210654
  • female
  • special needs cat
  • size: medium


Squirt came into our care in a group of cats who were supposed to be fixed & returned. We soon discovered that she has a deformity in her hind end that means she hops more than she walks. But it doesn’t slow Squirt down any – she is fast as lightning and can run and jump and climb just like any other cat! When Squirt arrived, she wasn’t used to much human handling but she has come around to be quite a friendly, affectionate, girl. Squirt absolutely adores other cats and will wrestle and play with them for hours! She is a resident of our cat room where she very much enjoys the attention of the volunteers and the company of other cats.

Squirt is a special girl because the same hind end deformity that causes her to “hop” also causes her to have poor bladder control. This means that she sometimes dribbles a little, especially when she is excited. She is completely litter box trained and will not pee anywhere she is not supposed to, but she is unable to help these little dribbles that can happen. We know that this is obviously a challenge for most people to deal with, but we are hoping a special home is out there for this special kitty!