• AARCS #A21649938
  • female
  • puppy
  • size: medium


Emily is a very sweet, playful puppy. She’s incredibly smart and very clever – almost too smart for her own good at times. For instance, she quickly figured out pawing at the screen door instead of the glass door gets people to let her in a lot faster. At four months, she’s already over 30 pounds so she’ll be a medium to large dog.

She’s not much of a barker, just when playing or when people come to the door. She’s sleeping through the night in her kennel (8 hours +) without a fuss, but does cry and whine when she’s in her crate during the day (though that should eventually stop as her crate-training progresses). She’s almost house-trained. She doesn’t quite ask to be let outside yet, but has only had a few accidents in the house when she wasn’t let out quickly enough.

Emily would probably do well equally well in a home with or without other dogs. She’s fairly independent and though she loves playing with her dog foster brothers, she’s just as happy to play on her own. She will require at least 2 walks a day, as she is fairly high energy. She’s learning to walk on a loose leash, knows “sit” and “down” and we’re working on her recall. Because she can already jump close to 3’ and is very interested in exploring, Emily will need a yard with a high fence. She hasn’t been exposed to cats yet, but would probably be fine with a dog-savvy cat…she has chased rabbits on walks so might chase a cat if it runs. She’s met children but might be better suited to older children as she still jumps and nips a little (she’s working on sitting to meet people but gets very excited – she loves people!).

Update on Emily

Hi, I’m Emily! Or Asha, as my foster mom calls me. I just wanted to give a little update since I’ve come a long way in two months! I’ve been told I look a little intimidating with my big, slanted eyebrows but I’m a real sweetheart. I haven’t a met a person I haven’t loved and tried to lick to death. I love other dogs, too. I just want to run and play all day!

I’m now crate-trained! I sleep 8-10 hours in my crate at night now. I’m only spending about 4 hours during the day but as I get older I’ll get better at “holding it” during the day. My house-training is…uh, coming along. I’m still not completely house-trained but I’ve made progress. I’m now going to the back door when I have to go outside, but if foster mom isn’t paying attention I’ll admit I wander off to pee somewhere in the house. Oops. I’ll get it one of these days!

My foster mom isn’t sure why house-training is taking so long when I’m such a smart girl! I am VERY smart…the wheels are always turning in my little head. I know “sit” and “down” and I sit and wait before I go through doorways and for my food. I’ve also learned other things…like how I can reach unattended gloves and toques on tables if I stand on my back legs (or if I get up on the table all the way…foster mom wasn’t happy about that.) Told ya I’m smart!

The last thing I should tell my future home is how much I love and need my daily walks/hikes. I’ve got husky in me and besides running through snow banks, my husky blood means I’ve got loads of energy. I’m happy to settle and sleep, but I need walks to get me calm enough to do so. Otherwise I’m a little energizer bunny. Luckily, foster mom is teaching me leash manners. I’m getting good at it! I sometimes forget – especially when I see people – but I’m doing really well! Oh, and a fenced yard with a high fence is a must. I love to follow my nose and explore!