ringworm pups

Thank You – PetSmart Charities


AARCS was awarded the 2018 Shelter Operations Grant

At AARCS, we are grateful to Petsmart Charities of Canada for investing in organizations who are going the extra mile to save animals whom in the past may have faced euthanasia for treatable, but contagious illnesses. In 2018 AARCS received a Shelter Operations grant from PetSmart Charities of Canada and because of it, and other donations like it, AARCS has been able to invest in protective equipment that supports our high standard, life-saving quarantine protocols. In order to do this work and save more animals, specialized equipment was imperative, including seven SanX machines, which assists in eliminating the spread of airborne illnesses; this has significantly reduced the time to recover from illnesses such as upper respiratory viruses as well as ringworm. We were able to invest in washable isolation gowns allowing us to be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.   Our isolation rooms properly equipped to be self-contained with cabinetry and are stocked with gloves, gowns, boots and spray bottles for thorough disinfection. These funds have provided a safe, contaminant-free environment for animals in need where they can recover and are eventually able to find their own forever homes. It is our pleasure to introduce you to some of our patients who have been assisted through Petsmart Charities-funded initiatives!



Ringworm Puppies

These young puppies were diagnosed with positive ringworm tests. They all received treatment and TLC, and were able to recover without infecting other shelter animals, staff or volunteers. They have all since been adopted.

Oscar – Ringworm

This is Oscar the kitten who came into our care at only four weeks old. He was found by one of our amazing volunteers while she was on vacation in BC. At first glance, we knew that Oscar wasn’t well. He was full of scabs and open wounds which we determined was ringworm.He was quarantined, bathed daily with medicated shampoo and given oral medications for six weeks and made a full recovery.

Parvo Puppies

A litter of eight 8-week-old puppies who were emaciated, dehydrated and only scored a body condition of 1/9 arrived in AARCS care in January 2019.  After their examination by the veterinary team, Sailor was deemed the worst of all. No matter what was offered, he refused to eat or drink anything, which resulted in the administration of fluids to keep him hydrated and a parvo test. Regrettably, the test was positive and the entire litter was hospitalized in our isolation room. They all survived and went onto happy adoptive homes.

Zazu – Sarcoptic Mange

We were itching for precious Zazu to get better. This poor fella was suffering from sarcoptic mange, as well as a skin infection. His transformation was incredible, but did take some extra time. Had he been left out in the cold this winter would have been extremely hard on him and he might not have survived.

Panleuk Survivors!

Ammit and Shisa were two of our panleuk positive kittens.  They were isolated and hospitalized on IV fluids for vomiting and severe diarrhea. They have since made a full recovery and are now up for adoption!