One-Year Anniversary of Infamous Milk River Dog Seizure

Today (December 23, 2015) marks the one-year anniversary of the infamous Milk River Dog seizure, the largest removal of dogs in the Alberta SPCA’s history. Last year, 201 dogs were living in horrendous condition outside in the middle of frigid Alberta winter, with no food or water and little or no shelter from the elements.

We are very proud of our staff and volunteers who jumped into action to help, in what was to be Alberta’s largest seizure of dogs in Alberta SPCA history. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) was at the forefront of this emergency, assisting officers during the seizure, caring for the animals at Safe Haven, providing veterinary assessments, a warm bed and big bowl of food.  The wonderful collaborative relationships we have in the animal welfare industry in Alberta allowed us to place all 201 dogs in rescue groups/humane societies to be held and eventually put up for adoption. AARCS kept 60 dogs who entered our foster/adoption program.

“This was the worst case of neglect we had ever seen, the dogs came to us extremely emaciated, with badly matted fur, dehydrated and very hungry,” said Deanna Thompson, executive director of AARCS. “Some had broken bones, gaping wounds and were riddled with parasites. Since that time they have all gained back their weight, their fur is clean and groomed, and they will never know another cold day or empty stomach. They were adopted into loving forever homes and we can only hope that they have forgotten their past and will live happily-ever-after.”

365 days later, the dogs, who had lived their lives on chains staked to the ground in intolerable living conditions, are now in loving homes without ever having to go hungry again. AARCS has two Milk River dogs, Frills and Hamilton, who are still looking for their forever families, and there are others at rescues across the province still up for adoption.

It takes a village to care for the homeless and neglected animals in our province and with teamwork, perseverance and determination we came together to move mountains to help the homeless and neglected animals in our province. You too can be a part of the solution to end animal homelessness and cruelty.

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Lindsay Black
Communications & Events Manager
Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

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  1. Russ says:

    the work you accomplished with these poor animals is outstanding. without your efforts surely many of these animals would have died. so glad you ere there for them and that many of them were able to find a caring home at last

  2. A Clay says:

    This is truly amazing. To each and every person that was involved in the recovery process you are amazing humans. There is nothing better than seeing that they dogs were able to recover not only from the physical ailments but the physiological ones that they undoubtedly suffered due to the unforeseen circumstances they had endured. It is wonderful to see they are all enjoying life and being treated as they deserved. Well done!!!

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