Justice for Milk River Dogs – 2019

BREAKING NEWS! 01/18/2019

APRIL IRVING has been ARRESTED in Manitoba! It has been CONFIRMED that April Irving is in custody!

April IrvingApril Irving is the woman accused of causing immense pain and suffering to 201 dogs who were taken from her property in Milk River and AARCS cared for the majority of these animals back in 2014. This was one of the worst cases of neglect we have ever seen. The animals, a mixture of Huskies, Irish Wolf Hounds, Malamutes and Komodors were in horrendous condition upon arrival. They came to us extremely emaciated, with badly matted fur, dehydrated and very hungry. Some had broken bones, open and infected wounds and most were riddled with parasites.

April Dawn Irving was facing animal cruelty charges federally and provincially in Alberta when she failed to attend her court appearance and disappeared, leaving no justice for these animals over the past four years. We never gave up hope that she would one day stand trial. Our hope now is that her day has come and these defenseless animals will finally have the justice they deserve.

All of the Milk River Dogs have been adopted into loving homes!
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Browyn (left) and Briar (right) were in the care of April IRVING prior to her arrest last week. Since the arrest, both puppies have been surrendered into AARCS’ care. Thankfully, they were still in good condition and did not suffer the same fate as hundreds of other dogs at the hands of IRVING. This pair of puppies, a male and a female, were both intact and are 5/6 months of age. We do not know what her intentions were with these puppies, but we are eternally grateful that we received the call and were able to transport them immediately to AARCS’ Safe Haven in Calgary. Since their arrival, we have given them a thorough veterinary exam, vaccinations, deworming and completed their spay/neuter surgeries to prevent any litters in their future. Once their quarantine period is over, these two will be placed into loving adoptive homes and they will never have to endure the pain and suffering as hundreds of others did before them.

We can all agree that animal protection laws in Canada need to change! Deanna Thompson, AARCS Executive Director says, “One hundred percent we support a lifetime ban… I never want another animal to suffer at the hands of April Irving.”