109% OF OUR $20,000 GOAL!

Absolutely incredible! Not only was our #GivingTuesday goal met, but it was exceeded! Thanks to hundreds of compassionate and generous individuals who made contributions to provide homeless animals with opportunities. ❤ Words cannot describe how grateful we are, you’re amazing and we are humbled to have you as our supporters.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Over the last two weeks, AARCS’ Rescue Crews have been all over the map rescuing animals in need…’litter-ly’! One of these rescue missions was a lengthy expedition to Manitoba to assist another animal welfare agency in their efforts to save the lives of hundreds of animals. This particular community is struggling with an abundance of un-altered, free-roaming dogs and their remote location means few resources are available — this is a community that is only accessible by train or plane. Due to the severity of the dog population problem, these animals were at risk from either freezing or starving to death or facing the possibility of a lethal solution. With a dire situation spiraling out of control, our crews hit the road with three large vans to pick up 68 of those dogs, including puppies, adults, seniors and soon-to-be mommas. On their return home, they made one more stop to pick up a lone puppy as well as seven orphaned kittens that were only a couple weeks old.

During this stop, they did another one of our routine checks of animals on-board and discovered that young Glory’s health was declining rapidly so an urgent side trip was made to an emergency veterinary hospital in Saskatoon. Glory was rushed inside with hopes that she would stabilize with immediate medical intervention. Her condition was grim as she was fighting the deadly parvovirus infection, which lead to her sudden decline. With heavy hearts, our Crew made that always difficult decision and Glory was laid to rest in warm and loving arms, survived by her two litter mates, Story and Morning. After wiping the tears from their eyes, the Rescue Crew knew they had to complete their mission and get the remaining 75 souls to AARCS’ Safe Haven.

Calgary-bound again, the Crew made their way carefully across the snowy prairies in order to give these animals an opportunity they could not have had just days prior. Arriving several hours later than planned, they made the surprising discovery that in between their last animal check and arrival, Orillia, one of the Mommas-to-be, had quietly added four new puppies to the roster! Seventy-nine animals were given a second chance. Glory’s litter mates, Story and Morning were taken to an emergency clinic for immediate parvovirus treatment and are now back in the care of AARCS veterinarians making great strides towards recovery.

This is just ONE of the many rescue missions we’ve facilitated as of late. The calls never stop and within the last few weeks, we’ve received multiple calls and emails regarding animals in desperate need. Whether it be quills, broken limbs, mange, illnesses or other injuries, we do our best to help…even when our resources are stretched thin. We know that $20,000 is a big ask, but believe that together, we can meet this goal as it is essential in providing life-saving support for these homeless, abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals. Out of the 2,970 animals rescued so far this year, over 350 of them have been welcomed through our doors in the month of November.

Join us in providing opportunities for these animals this Giving Tuesday and help them to heal and live out a happy life in an adoptive homes.Thank you for your kindness, saving lives isn’t possible without you.

Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday is a movement following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that we celebrate a global day of giving. As the world kicks off the holiday season, Giving Tuesday is a time to celebrate and encourage activities that support charities such as AARCS.

Whether it’s making a donation, volunteering time or spreading the word, #GivingTuesday is a movement for everyone who wants to give something back.

Do you have $10, maybe $20 to give this Tuesday and help us reach our goal of $20,000 in one day!?

Make a donation and follow our GIVING TUESDAY page to see if we can make this happen so we can continue to HELP HOMELESS, NEGLECTED AND ABUSED ANIMALS!

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