Two of the eight puppies!

First 2016 Rescue Mission!

BREAKING NEWS! This just in! Litter-ally ;)

You know that feeling when you win the big lottery… Well we don’t either, but the very next best thing to winning the lottery is to rescue eight puppies from the freezing cold!! Late yesterday, AARCS got a call about some very young puppies and a skinny mom living underneath a step. These puppies are only about five days old.

When our AARCS Rescue Crew found them, they were all shivering from the cold. They put them in a warm crate with blankets inside the truck within minutes. With all the pups and mom safe and secure, they headed back towards AARCS Safe Haven. However, as luck would have it, another call came in with information about another pregnant stray dog. Off they went! That’s a story for a another day ;)

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Once all of the animals are vaccinated, spayed/neutered and are medically and physically ready – they will be put up for adoption on our website.



Stray dog and pups rescued before overnight snowfall

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