Featured Volunteer: Lori Unraw

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Photos courtesy of Inga Morozoff Photography


AARCS Featured Volunteer:

Lori Unraw

A word from Lori:

I really can’t remember many times in my life when I didn’t share my life with a cat. My parents were animal lovers and we shared our house with many critters including cats, turtles, tortoises, gerbils, hamsters, mice and fish. We were taught respect for all living creatures right from the start. I loved them all but had a particular fondness for cats which continues to this day.
I have had a typical life: happy times and sad times, times of both hardship and joy, but there was always something missing from my life and I was never quite sure what it was. I decided to try volunteering and checked out several different rescues. Then I came across AARCS with their mission statement of “changing lives through kindness.” If there’s one thing this world is in dire need of it’s a little more kindness!

I knew from my first visit that this was the place for me. AARCS is an amazing organization that truly practices what they preach. Their love and respect goes beyond their animals to all the staff and volunteers that work for them. I am blessed to be part of this amazing group of people! To see these animals when they first enter the shelter and see the transformation that takes hold once they realize that they are safe and loved – nothing is more life-changing than that.

I find no greater joy than helping out here whether that be as a cat caregiver, training the next group of volunteers or helping out with adoptions. I came to rescue animals and yet they have truly rescued me! I will be forever grateful to AARCS for the kindness they show their animals and me. To be able to give back, in some small way, is the least I can do!

Lori Unraw
AARCS Volunteer

A word from our Cat Shelter Coordinator:

She is an absolutely amazing individual. She is the most patient & caring person I’ve ever volunteered with. She takes it on herself to make sure our new volunteers are comfortable with what they are doing. And when someone is struggling, she does everything she can to help. I have only ever seen and heard positive things about Lori.
She has been an unbelievable asset to the Cat Caregiving team and beyond that as a Shift Leader. When I needed someone that could help with the disinfecting workshops during the days, Lori was only too happy to help me out. Even though she is far from comfortable on a computer.
She is so good with the volunteers and just as amazing with the cats. I couldn’t imagine a more deserving individual to be recognized as Volunteer of the Month!
Vicki Birch
Cat Shelter Coordinator