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AARCS introduces Joanna Gardner

What AARCS Has To Say

We are so happy to introduce Joanna as our Volunteer of the Month for March.

Joanna came to us, with her two daughters in tow, just over a year ago. She quickly picked up things here at the shelter, dedicating many hours to the cats in our care, and came into the role of our Cat Caregiver Coordinator. 
As our Cat Caregiver Coordinator, Joanna coordinates all of our cat shelter volunteers. Currently, she manages a group of over 100 cat shelter volunteers.  She keeps them updated on what is happening around the shelter, ensure all of the caregiver shifts are full, assists with new volunteer orientations.
If we didn’t tie up her time enough, at any given time, Joanna and her family have a foster kitty (or two!).
Thank you Joanna for all of your hard work and dedication to AARCS! All the feline friends you have helped, are out there giving you a round of “a-paws”

A Few Words From Joanna

In March 2013 I was searching for an organization to volunteer with and stumbled across the AARCS website.  I have loved animals since a young age and so an animal charity seemed like the perfect fit!   I had no idea that I had found something that would develop into my “passion” in life!   I love every minute I spend at the animal shelter – the animals give so much and ask for so little in return.
I have come to appreciate the value and necessity in spay and neutering of animals and I have received so much support and education from the incredible people who work and volunteer at AARCS.
My children often help alongside me at the shelter and they love spending time with the animals.  It is my hope that I am raising them to love and care for animals in their future lives.

Along with working with the Cats at the shelter, I also get to enjoy them at home – much to my husbands dismay – I am now on Foster Cat number seventeen!   Although it’s sometimes difficult to let them go – it is so rewarding to see these furry little friends be rescued from the cold or from an undesirable situation and find a home where they will be loved forever.

I often say my time spent at AARCS is my “therapy” – my “happy place” – where I can go and receive unconditional love from these animals.  I am so thankful to have found this wonderful organization, to be amongst people that share my passion for animal welfare and to have met so many wonderful people who inspire me.
There are so many ways to get involved – whether it be helping with transport, fostering, events, inventory or working with the dogs and cats.  I urge you to get involved and you too will soon be “hooked!”
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  1. Maria Stewart says:

    Well done Jo. The cats there are very lucky to have someone like you to make sure they get a better new “fur ever” home. Keep up the good work x

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