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Featured Volunteer: Jane Carter

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AARCS Featured Volunteer:

Jane Carter

A word from Jane:

I have loved animals, all animals my entire life! I grew up with a dog, then adopted my first fur baby once living out on my own. It’s been multiple fur babies ever since!

Now that my two daughters are out living in the world, they have also adopted their own fur babies. When our family is together, it can be hectic as there are 7 canines running around the house, of various sizes! (the feline fur baby is at home at my eldest’s house)

Since photography is a passion of mine, I took courses at U. of Calgary, and MRU. Once completed, I started up a home photography business. Volunteering at AARCS, as one of their photographers (and there are so many awesome ones!) was one of the first decisions I made! A few of the family fur babies were adopted through AARCS, so I knew of the great work they did, what they stood for, and their benefit and commitment to the Calgary and Area communities. I wanted to be a part of that, in whatever small way I was able.

I am honored and proud, to be a volunteer of AARCS.

Jane Carter
AARCS Volunteer Photographer

A word from our Volunteer Manager:

For the last two years, we have been so fortunate to have Jane as part of our amazing team of photographers!
You will often find Jane at Safe Haven, typically once a week, to photograph the cats who are currently being housed here in the shelter. Jane has also traveled out to many foster homes to get the perfect snapshots to help the adoptable animals put their best paw forward!
If you get the chance to see her working with the animals, her passion and dedication are hard to ignore. Thank you Jane for sharing your talent with AARCS and helping so many animals find their adoptive homes!
Rachel Howard
Volunteer Manager