2014 Jail 'N Bail VIPs

Jail n’ Bail 2015

Over $52,600 was raised at this year’s Jail ‘N Bail Event! Thank you to everyone for your support!

Check out this year’s video:

Get locked up to raise funds for Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society! We are looking for VIPs, Sponsors and Participants for the day! We will also have a street festival, cat and dog adoption event, food trucks and a kids area!
To become involved, email Lindsay@aarcs.ca!

Sponsor Jail ‘N Bail

Go to Jail for AARCS!

AARCS 2015 JnB_11x14_final

Corporate Sponsor:
Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Centre

Festival Booths:
Yoshi Bella
Best Bet 4 Pets
Makami College Inc.
Canis Fabularis
Muttley Crue

Kids Area:
Funny Farm Bouncy Tent
Face Painting

Miss Calgary, Brittany Michalchuk

Special Appearances:
- Madison Charney, Canadian Skeleton Athlete 10 am – 1 pm
- Calgary Flames’ Mascot Harvey the Hound 11 am – 12 pm
- Calgary Stampeders’ Rob Maver, Rene Paredes and Drew Tate 2 pm – 4 pm
- Calgary Stampeders’ Mascot Ralph the Dog 2 pm – 4 pm

Bail them out!! 

Sponsor Hadley and Jackie

Sponsor Willy, Norris and Alicia

Sponsor Tobey Daniels and The Bear Brothers, MAC and Bodie

Sponsor Madison Charney – Canadian Skeleton Athlete

Sponsor Kimberly James and Hiro

Sponsor Rob Maver – Calgary Stampeder and Chase

Sponsor Jay Joksch

Sponsor Meaghan Ralston, Jeannie the 3 legged leg hold trap dog, former foster Grizz, and current foster Winter in memory of Dylan the 3 legged wonder dog.

Sponsor Janice and Landy Greenwood

Sponsor Jaime Bernard and Tobey

Sponsor Erin and Albus

Sponsor Julie and Georgie, the Olds Roll-Over Dog

Sponsor Tony Hilton and Pandora

Sponsor Ariana Lenz, Rhett and Marvin

Sponsor Hailey Seidel

Sponsor Toopie and Kim Sutherland

Sponsor Leane Ingram and Reece

Sponsor Rebecca Lantz and Chuck

Sponsor Jen Cheng and Rza

Sponsor Coreen Herring and Parvo Survivor PJ

Sponsor Blake and Tank

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