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Help us build our New Home and Vet Clinic!


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As a puppy, you are tied up and except for the occasional scrap of food tossed your way, you are forgotten. You are overlooked for so long that even with your stunted growth, the rope around your neck begins to cut into your flesh. The festering wound attracts flies and becomes infested with maggots. Imagine the pain. Imagine not understanding why you are suffering, why you have been forgotten.

Then imagine being found by AARCS rescue volunteers. They gently pick you up, even though you smell like death. You are placed on their lap and taken immediately for medical care. After receiving the treatment you desperately require, you are placed in the loving home of a foster parent. You are provided with plenty of food, attention, and love. You have been given a second chance.

This was Brielle’s reality...

These are some of the homeless, forgotten and abandoned animals AARCS supports every day. These sad stories are our reality, and the reason why we need your support. It is unacceptable for any animal to suffer. This is why AARCS exists, and we will not stand by or turn our backs on those animals. We are here to end animal suffering, and help foster a compassionate world for all.

Veterinary Hospital Equipment Needs

  • • Anesthesia System

    • Autoclave and Ultrasonic Cleaner

    • Defibrillator

    • Centrifuge and Blood Analyzers

    • Diagnostic Equipment

    • Monitoring Equipment

    • Surgery Table (x2)

    • IV Pump and Pole

    • Exam and Surgery Lighting

    • Wet Table / Treatment Table

    • Exam Tables

    • Emergency Kit

    • X-Ray Machine

    • Isolation and Recovery Kennels

    • Cabinetry

Why Support AARCS?

AARCS has a proven track record of performance, fiscal responsibility, and growth management. This has helped us save over 12,000 animal lives since its inception a decade ago. AARCS provides the highest level of animal care, medical management, and has developed industry leading adoption programs. As a member of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and a leader in animal welfare in Alberta, AARCS uses its collaborative relationships to work towards ending animal homelessness throughout our province. We rescue and work hard to tackle the underlying problem of animal homelessness through our spay and neuter community initiatives and humane education programs in the schools and communities where we work.


AARCS is a leader in the animal welfare community, and Albertans turn to us for help. 3,200 animals come through AARCS programs each year. We have an exceptional medical program with some of the highest standards of care in the industry. This provides us with the ability to grant second chances to thousands of homeless animals. However, this also means that the medical expenses to support those animals surpass all other financial requirements.

This has created a critical need to expand our operations and build our own veterinary hospital.

Forming the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) Veterinary Hospital will reduce our medical costs by approximately half a million dollars in the first year alone, with a potential savings of $5,000,000 or more over ten years. With these savings in veterinary fees, we will be able to help more homeless and abandoned animals. This will allow more of your donated dollars to be applied directly to animal rescue and care.

AARCS has leased a new property with hopes of moving in early 2017. This new facility will allow AARCS to house more animals, provide additional office space and build our on-site veterinary hospital. Now we need to raise enough funds to facilitate the build-out of the clinic and equipping of the facility and program operations.

How You Can Help!

Become and Animal’s Hero

• No gift is too small. We desperately need YOUR help.

Gifts of $100 – $1,999

• Your Name engraved on a permanent plaque at the new facility
• Your Name on our Wall of Support on our website

Gifts of $2,000-$4,999

• Your Name engraved on a permanent plaque at the new facility
• Your Name on our Wall of Support on our website
• Thank you plaque for you to display at home/office
• Invitation only VIP Champagne Reception prior to Grand Opening

Gifts of $5,000+

• Your Name engraved on a permanent plaque at the new facility
• Your Name on our Wall of Support on our website
• Thank you plaque for you to display at home/office
• Invitation only VIP Champagne Reception prior to Grand Opening
• PLUS individual discussions on how you would like to be acknowledged

AARCS accepts in-kind donations of equipment and supplies such as:

• Interior Doors and Windows • Paint – interior and floor • Cabinets • Flooring • Light fixtures (interior & exterior) • baseboard • Toilets & Sinks • In-kind Services • Fencing material • Keyless (combination code) door locks • Signage • Fridge • Washer/Dryers (x2)

AARCS accepts gift cards for:

• Canadian Tire • Costco • IKEA • Lowes • Rona

To get more information on how you can help through gift-in-kind donations, sponsorship opportunities or more please email deanna@aarcs.ca or call 403-250-7377 ext 5.

As a registered charity, AARCS will issue tax receipts for eligible gifts (financial or in-kind) valued at $20 or more.

Help us build our New Home and Vet Clinic!

Sneak Peek of our NEW HOME!

We are extremely excited to take the next step in providing quality care for the thousands of animals we help each year and we need your support.


Need Dentals

February is National Pet Dental Health Month​! You can give an AARCS Animal a smile by contributing to the cost of ​our dental equipment.

Dental Equip


Surgery Lighting

You can light up an AARCS animals’ life by contributing to the cost of the professional surgical lighting for our new Veterinary Clinic.

Surgical Lighting


IV for Parvo Puppies

I​ntravenous​ treatment is absolutely ​essential in providing life saving care to puppies who are suffering from parvovirus.

Gift of Life

10 Years of AARCS

“The project for a veterinary hospital is essential and will allow the organization to continue to help hundreds of animals, reducing animal homelessness and improving our community. The project will drastically reduce costs for the organization allowing them to have an even bigger impact.”

Dr. Audrey Remedios
Dr. Audrey RemediosB.Sc, DVM, DACVS

“The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew is a very innovative and stable organization. Without them, our organization would struggle to place the many unwanted animals we receive at our clinics and it would be very challenging to implement the new program for the Siksika First Nation.”

Nancy Larsen
Nancy LarsenPresident of the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force

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