Animal Updates


Rush Puppy – Rescue Tail

Rush Puppy, an unbreakable spirit 08/30/2018 / Thank you to those who have sponsored his care, he couldn’t have done it without you! [ The Fight for Rush Puppy! ] If you haven’t already met Rush, beware, he will surely steal your heart. This young boy was rescued after being run over by a car. He was […]

Two of the eight puppies!

First 2016 Rescue Mission!

BREAKING NEWS! This just in! Litter-ally You know that feeling when you win the big lottery… Well we don’t either, but the very next best thing to winning the lottery is to rescue eight puppies from the freezing cold!! Late yesterday, AARCS got a call about some very young puppies and a skinny mom living […]


Dory the Tripawd UPDATE!

  Letter from her Adoptive Family! Hello,Our beautiful Kuma Dory (formally known as Dori) is doing very well.  She has grown so much since we adopted her in September.She loves her brother Kuro, our 2 year old Shiba Inu.  They play together, nap together, and love each other.She loves going to the mountain with her […]

Rainbow Bridge – Brandi

This week Brandi passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. From Brandi’s Foster Home: Brandi was instantly part of the family the minute she walked in the door.  It was like she’d been with us forever.  She made herself right at home….no fear whatsoever.  She immediately established herself as queen of the castle, All the dogs in […]

Brandi’s Story

You think after 10+ years involved in animal rescue you would start seeing each animal as a number, dog number 50, cat number 385, the brown and black dog or the long haired orange cat. This however is not the case, each animal has its story, has its past and has a name. Brandi has […]

Update on Ladie

We proudly admit to being first time foster failures. When Ladie first arrived she was extremely skittish and was petrified of all people. Most heartbreaking of all – she was broken. She was terrified; scared and kept her tail tucked and her back turned to you for months. Eventually Ladie learned to trust; learned to […]

Update on Bailey

From the moment we brought Bailey home (we kept her name) she has been such an asset to our lil family. After loosing our oldest Tippy,only a week before, our youngest Lucy was not quite right… We brought Bailey home and right away Lucy and her started being the best of friends. Bailey has taught […]

Update on Krystal

Seeing updates on a number of our fosters reminded me that I’ve been remiss on my own update and it’s so cool to see how they’ve grown up!  Krystal was foster #7 for us, and fosters 8 & 9 had already come and gone with her still waiting for her forever home.  After her third […]

Update on Otis

Hi, I adopted Otis, a Chihuahua mix in May 2012…..he was a wonderful little guy, so cute, a real trooper and we had so much fun together.  He was a great companion. We made many car trips to Montana to visit my boyfriend who lives on a farm outside Kalispell. Oti loved it there. We […]

Update on Brizzy

Thought it was time for a update on Brizzy, It’s been exactly one year since Brizzy came into our lives thru AARCS. If you remember she was one of the cattle dogs that came out of the Okotoks puppy mill last August, and well what can I say, what a beautiful little soul she is. […]