An Exciting Offer from Heather Waddell

Heather Waddell, a long time AARCS supporter and a realtor for Calgary’s high-end real estate market for over 30 years, has made an extraordinary offer to AARCS. Heather has committed to match your donations to AARCS up to $10,000 and if we reach $10,000 by August 20, 2014, she will include an additional $5000 bonus!

 These funds will be specifically designated for the purchase of isolation cages for illnesses such as parvovirus and cat cages for the AARCS quarantine shelter facility. If we surpass our fundraising goal, any additional funds will go towards the care of the sick, injured and abandoned animals that we take in on a daily basis. Animals like Lainey, a puppy who came to us appearing lethargic, dehydrated and was discovered to have parvovirus. She is just one of 10 puppies in our care who have needed to be treated for this virus in the last month.

How can you help us meet the $10,000 fundraising goal?

A couple of ways!

Donate today to have your donation matched dollar for dollar by Heather Waddell!

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Thank you for your support!