PROGRESS REPORT #3 | February 2nd, 2017

We have more exciting news to share with you! The framing for the walls inside the vet clinic area went up on February 2nd, 2017!

The following tasks have been completed:
  • coring for plumbing
  • rough in plumbing for cat area, passed inspection and the walls are all sealed up
  • sewer pipes for cat area, clinic & dog runs roughed in, passed inspection and concrete re-poured
  • flooring for cat area, vet clinic and dog area selected and on order
  • drywall in cat area & reception complete
  • specialty sinks selected and on order
  • additional dog kennel panels for new configuration on order
  • dental table selected and on order
  • re-configured light fixtures & wiring for cat area/reception
  • t-bar ceiling tracks installed in reception
  • final vet equipment quotes & budget
  • vet clinic utility room built and equipped w/ furnace and water heater
  • combo locks ordered
  • fire safety equipment ordered
  • The following contractor/staff tasks are underway:
  • wiring for network & telephone
  • installing the heavy drywall ceiling panel in cat area/reception
  • finishing framing, door frames & ceiling drywall in vet clinic
  • roughing in oxygen lines
  • finalizing electrical outlets/lighting/circuits for vet clinic
  • configuring locks to secure offices & vet clinic
  • building make-up air unit stand
  • roughing in dryer vents & commercial washer requirements
  • Our volunteers have continued to be a great help to us! The following volunteer tasks are done:
  • Washed all office walls and prepped for paint
  • painted upstairs offices & kitchen
  • built/installed kitchen cabinets
  • primed cat/reception area
  • The work volunteers will be taking on over the next couple of weeks includes:
  • removing old flooring in washrooms & hallway
  • painting upstairs hallway
  • final desk assembly and set-up
  • completing kitchen install including sink & dishwasher
  • painting cat rooms & reception
  • Major clean-up at Safe Haven I (current location)
  • We’re up to 33% of our fundraising goal and staff and third party fundraisers continue to build and work on our Capital Campaign! You can help us by making your donation today and please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

    Wiggle Bum Bronco!

    In December 2016 AARCS brought in Bronco, or as some of you may know him as WIGGLE BUM Bronco! As mentioned previously, he was sadly hit by a car quite some time before he was rescued and brought into AARCS care. This little guy suffered multiple injuries to his pelvis causing him to have a displaced hip. This past week Bronco underwent FHO (femoral head osteotomy) surgery which in simpler terms, is the removal of the “ball” part of the ball-and-socket that makes up the hip joint. This way, the bones of the joint are no longer in contact, which eliminates the pain that he was suffering from. We know, it’s hard to believe since his tail never stops! Bronco will remain in his medical foster home until he is completely healed and ready to take the next steps to finding his forever home.

    Despite all that he has been through and the injuries that he has endured Bronco greets each day with a wagging tail…actually an entire wiggle of his bum!

    We are happy to report that as of today, February 2nd, 2017 – we are at 33% of our $500,000 GOAL!

    We’ve Reached 33% of $500,000 Goal!

    Thank you for your support and stay tuned for upcoming updates!

    Help us build our New Home and Vet Clinic!


    PROGRESS REPORT #2 | January 18th, 2017

    First of all, some great news! We have received our building permit approval from the City of Calgary so we can get started on all aspects of construction, including the vet clinic. Our General Contractor Lorne Boychuk of Detailed Drywall has been great at keeping everything on track and moving forward!

    The following tasks have been completed:
  • demolition of the old walls
  • finalized layout for veterinary clinic
  • blueprints and application to the City of Calgary for building permit (already approved as noted above)
  • demolition of the reception/cat room area
  • selection of contractors for plumbing, electrical & mechanical
  • ordering the make-up air unit
  • framing new walls for reception & cat area including new door frames and firewall between reception & cat rooms
  • moving switches/plugs in cat room/reception
  • quote for used phone system including installation and one year free maintenance
  • ordering new doors for cat area
  • The following tasks are under way:
  • coring for plumbing
  • wiring for network and telephone
  • rough in plumbing for cat area
  • final selection & quote on flooring for cat area/reception/vet clinic
  • dry-walling cat area/reception
  • selecting/ordering required plumbing fixtures
  • Our volunteers have been busy as well and we’re so grateful for all their help. We have had 4 volunteer work shifts, each led by at least one staff member, with two more planned this week. Volunteers have helped us with the following:
  • removing cat room window coverings and ceiling tiles
  • cleaning up demolition debris
  • removing existing carpeting and flooring from cat/reception area
  • moving furniture from downstairs cat area to upstairs offices
  • configuring and assembling desks in offices
  • gutting upstairs kitchen, washing walls and prepping for paint
  • painting office trim
  • demolishing bathroom stalls
  • For the rest of this week our volunteers will be helping us with:
  • washing office walls and prepping for paint
  • painting upstairs kitchen area and offices
  • final desk assembly and set up
  • We are happy to report that as of today, January 18th, 2017 – we are at 32% of our $500,000 GOAL!

    We’ve Reached 32% of $500,000 Goal!

    Thank you for your support and stay tuned for upcoming updates!

    Help us build our New Home and Vet Clinic!


    PROGRESS REPORT #1 | December 25th, 2016

    We are thrilled to finally share with our supporters our exciting news. In 2017, AARCS and our rescued animals will be getting a NEW Safe Haven and their very own Veterinary Hospital!

    The AARCS team have spent 2016 searching for a suitable space to move and in November we finalized a lease on a new building in SE Calgary where we can expand our operations to include a veterinary clinic specifically for AARCS rescued animals.

    2016 has been a tough year for Canadians, Albertans, businesses and non-profits alike. With over 3,200 animals coming through AARCS’ programs each year and veterinary expenses being our biggest expense we knew our current model wasn’t sustainable. To solve this, we identified a critical need to expand our operations to include our very own veterinary hospital, which in turn will drastically reduce our expenses and increase our capacity to help more animals.

    We will be working hard over the next few months to renovate the building that will include expanded animal areas for cats and dogs, additional office and storage space and a 2,100 square foot veterinary hospital. The veterinary hospital will give us the ability to help the animals in most dire need of medical attention with onsite veterinarians and technicians and the ability to treat almost anything in-house.

    We are extremely excited to take these next steps in providing a second chance to so many deserving animals in our province. AARCS is a driving force in the animal welfare community and an organization that the people turn to for help. We have an exceptional medical program for animals with some of the highest standards of care in the industry. We have seen an increase of calls to help homeless, abandoned and injured animals coupled with a decrease in revenue due to hard economic times along with rising veterinary prices, so this strategic move will ensure we maintain stability and longevity of our programming for years to come.

    There’s lots to do over the next several months, including raising enough funds for renovations and to equip the new clinic, while still maintaining operations and rescuing animals in need.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you – our volunteers, foster homes and supporters – for all the work you do and for helping us get to this milestone moment in our history. We couldn’t do it without you! It is because of your commitment to the organization and the animals that we have been able to help thousands of animals each and every year. Thank you for continuing on this journey with us so that one day, in our life-time, we will have achieved our vision of a Compassionate World for All Animals.

    Our New Home + Vet Clinic!

    Starting at 0% of $500,000 Goal!

    Help us build our New Home and Vet Clinic!


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