One-Year Anniversary of Infamous Milk River Dog Seizure

Today (December 23, 2015) marks the one-year anniversary of the infamous Milk River Dog seizure, the largest removal of dogs in the Alberta SPCA’s history. Last year, 201 dogs were living in horrendous condition outside in the middle of frigid Alberta winter, with no food or water and little or no shelter from the elements.

We are very proud of our staff and volunteers who jumped into action to help, in what was to be Alberta’s largest seizure of dogs in Alberta SPCA history. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) was at the forefront of this emergency, assisting officers during the seizure, caring for the animals at Safe Haven, providing veterinary assessments, a warm bed and big bowl of food.  The wonderful collaborative relationships we have in the animal welfare industry in Alberta allowed us to place all 201 dogs in rescue groups/humane societies to be held and eventually put up for adoption. AARCS kept 60 dogs who entered our foster/adoption program.

“This was the worst case of neglect we had ever seen, the dogs came to us extremely emaciated, with badly matted fur, dehydrated and very hungry,” said Deanna Thompson, executive director of AARCS. “Some had broken bones, gaping wounds and were riddled with parasites. Since that time they have all gained back their weight, their fur is clean and groomed, and they will never know another cold day or empty stomach. They were adopted into loving forever homes and we can only hope that they have forgotten their past and will live happily-ever-after.”

365 days later, the dogs, who had lived their lives on chains staked to the ground in intolerable living conditions, are now in loving homes without ever having to go hungry again. AARCS has two Milk River dogs, Frills and Hamilton, who are still looking for their forever families, and there are others at rescues across the province still up for adoption.

It takes a village to care for the homeless and neglected animals in our province and with teamwork, perseverance and determination we came together to move mountains to help the homeless and neglected animals in our province. You too can be a part of the solution to end animal homelessness and cruelty.

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Lindsay Black
Communications & Events Manager
Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society


Dory the Tripawd UPDATE!


Letter from her Adoptive Family!


Our beautiful Kuma Dory (formally known as Dori) is doing very well.  She has grown so much since we adopted her in September.

She loves her brother Kuro, our 2 year old Shiba Inu.  They play together, nap together, and love each other.

She loves going to the mountain with her family.

She dressed up as a Bat Girl and went to a Halloween party at Sleep Rover.  She loves going to Sleep Rover when she is not at work with mom.  

She loves Village Ice Cream (Who doesn’t?).  

She successfully completed the puppy training course at the Humane Society and we are so proud of her.

She still is a rambunctious puppy.  She is also very loving and snugalicious! 

I’ve attached some pictures.  Please say hi to Kim and Theresa, her foster moms.  

Thank you AARCS and Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force for saving her.  We can’t imagine our life without her.  

Happy Holidays,
Mike and Yuko Hansen


Dory’s Story!

Little Miss Dory came in with her 7 siblings (at only a couple weeks old) and their mom during an Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force Clinic.

This little gal lost her front right limb to a possible birth defect, although, it is hard to know for sure. Once brought into our care, our very own Mother Theresa (Rescue Room Volunteer) took to her right away. Young struggling puppies are her specialty! She decided it would be best to bottle feed her to ensure she stays healthy and continues to grow! Dory now wears a sling to keep her leg clean and dry. Her leg was fully amputated when she was 3 months old – she gets along just fine now without it!

Featured Volunteer: Kim McLeish

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AARCS Featured Volunteer: Kim McLeish, Cat Foster Home Coordinator

Over the course of the past 15 years or so, I have been involved with a few different rescue groups, in many different roles.  But they were more of the “grass roots” variety, with a small number of animals and essentially one or two people doing almost everything.  When I joined AARCS, at first I felt very much like a country girl coming to the big city for the first time.  Everything was so structured and organized, with just an astonishing number of volunteers – not to mention an actual shelter that could house incoming animals!  Amazing!
When I first came to the cat program, we had about 100 cats at any given time.  In the two years I have been here, I have proudly watched the cat program blossom into a force to be reckoned with, now often accommodating up to 400 cats at a time!   Sometimes I sit back and just shake my head in wonder at everything we have all achieved together.   I am so glad to have this fulfilling role, which is such a huge part of my life.  My world has been graced simply by knowing and caring for so many of these incredible animals and my heart has been so enriched by meeting so many caring, heartwarming people here!